Facebook e-money account and P2P agreement
Last updated: 15 April 2019
We will be discontinuing the functionality to send and receive money in Messenger in the United Kingdom and France from 15 June 2019
  • This agreement is between you and Facebook Payments International Limited ("we/us").
  • Under this agreement:
    • we'll give you a Facebook e-money account, which you can use to make donations to any charity that is eligible to receive donations via Facebook and Instagram, and to store any refunds of a donation that you receive; or
    • you can make a person-to-person ("P2P") online money transfer through Messenger to any person that is eligible to receive payments through Messenger or, if we make the service available to you, via Facebook. This does not involve using your Facebook e-money account.
  • Your e-money account and the P2P service are for personal use only.
  • You must use a valid payment method to pay us to issue e-money into your e-money account or to pay us for a P2P transfer. The payment methods that you can use to pay us for e-money are a debit or credit card, and for a P2P transfer you can use a debit card. We may from time to time also allow you to use other payment methods.
  • In certain circumstances, we may need to carry out checks in relation to you, such as checking your identity, in order to help us meet our legal obligations.
    • We may need to do those checks before or after you can use your e-money account or make a P2P transfer, or before or after we can send you a refund.
    • We may require you to provide us with information if we reasonably need it in order to complete our checks.
  • Please print or save a copy of this agreement for your records.

How can you make a charitable donation?
  • You can make a donation from your e-money account by logging in to Facebook in the usual way, and pressing the donate button for a charity anywhere that we make this button available on Facebook, and then entering or selecting the donation amount and pressing the donate button.
  • We'll then immediately send your donation to the non-profit's Facebook e-money account, which means that you won't be able to cancel a donation once you've told us to send it.
  • You can only send a donation (and receive a refund) in the same currency as your e-money account.

How can you make a P2P transfer?
  • You can make a P2P transfer by logging in to Messenger or Facebook in the usual way, selecting the feature that allows you to send money to a designated recipient, entering the amount that you want to send and pressing the Pay button.
  • You can only make a transfer
    • in the same currency as the debit card that you use to pay us for the P2P transfer, and the recipient's debit card must also be linked to an account in the same currency;
    • to a recipient whose bank (or other account provider) is in the same country as the bank (or other account provider) that issued you with your debit card; and
    • using a Visa, MasterCard or CB card (or any other card that we allow from time to time
  • We'll send the money to the account attached to the recipient's debit card.
  • We'll get the money to the recipient's bank (or equivalent institution) by the end of the working day after we receive your request for the P2P transfer, assuming that the recipient has successfully added their debit card details.
    • We'll treat your request as being received on the day that we receive funds from you for making the transfer.
    • So, for example, if you ask us on a Monday to make a P2P transfer, we'll treat your request as being received on the day on which we receive funds from you which may be, for example, Wednesday, in which case we'll get the money to the recipient's bank (or other account provider) by the end of Thursday, or, if the recipient has not yet successfully added their debit card details, the working day after they do so.
  • If you want to cancel a P2P transfer, you must notify us through the Facebook Payments Support Centre as soon as possible, but you cannot cancel it once we've received your request for the transfer.
  • If, for any reason, we refund your payment for a P2P transfer, we'll send the money back to the debit card that you used to pay us for the transfer.

What must you do to keep your account safe?
  • You must follow the steps outlined in Section 3(1) of the Facebook Terms of Service (the "Terms of Service") to prevent unauthorised use of your e-money account or the P2P service.
  • If you think that someone else knows your password, you must change it as soon as you reasonably can.
  • You must tell us as soon as you can if you think that someone may be using your e-money account or using Messenger to make P2P transfers without your permission.

What restrictions might there be on payment transactions?
Age limits
  • You may not use a Facebook e-money account if you are under the age of sixteen (16).
  • You may not use P2P if you are under the age of eighteen (18).
Transaction limits
  • You agree that we may apply limits to the amount you are able to spend and send through Facebook, and we'll tell you if we do so. For example, we may apply limits if you ask us to or if we reasonably think it would help manage the risk of fraud in a proportionate way.
Stopping a transaction
  • Once you've paid us for a charitable donation or P2P transfer, we'll send the money unless we reasonably think:
    • the transaction would put you over any transaction limit we introduce;
    • the donation would break this agreement;
    • someone else is trying to make the transaction without your permission; or
    • you may be acting illegally or that it would be against the law for us to allow the transaction.
  • Where permitted by law, we will – by the end of the working day – notify you if we've stopped a transaction and, if possible, provide our reasons for doing so, and advise whether there is anything that you can do to correct any errors leading to the stoppage.
Suspending the use of your e-money account or P2P transfers
  • We may suspend use of your Facebook e-money account or use of Messenger to make P2P transfers if we reasonably believe that:
    • someone else may be trying to use them without your permission; or
    • we have to by law.
  • We'll tell you before the suspension (along with our reasons for doing so); otherwise we'll tell you immediately after. However, we won't tell you if doing so would break the law or compromise our reasonable security measures.
  • We'll stop any suspension as soon as we can after the reason for the suspension has ended.

How should we communicate with each other?
  • If you wish to contact us, you can do so through the Facebook Payments Support Centre.
  • We will communicate with you in English, and we may contact you via Facebook or on the email address associated with your Facebook account. We may impose additional security checks before giving you access to your account and transaction information if we suspect or are aware of fraud or security threats.

Do you have to pay any fees?
  • We do not currently charge you any fees or other charges under this agreement.
  • However, others might impose taxes or costs on you. For example, the issuer of your chosen payment method might charge you a fee when you pay us to make a donation or P2P transfer (you can normally find out from your agreement with the issuer whether this is the case).

When and how might you get a refund?
  • You can ask us to refund a transaction:
    • that someone has made from your e-money account without your permission; or
    • if we fail to send it on time to the right recipient and for the right amount,
    as long as you've told us via the Facebook Payments Support Centre about the problem within 13 months of it happening. We will provide the refund by the end of the working day after you tell us about the problem transaction unless the law says otherwise.
  • However, we may refuse your request for a refund of a charitable donation if we can demonstrate that:
    • you failed to follow the steps in Section 3(1) of the Terms of Service; or
    • you are asking for the refund of a charitable donation that took place before you told us that your e-money account was being misused;
  • We may refuse your request for a refund of a P2P transfer if we can show that your intended recipient's bank received the money.
  • In any event, if you ask us to, we'll make efforts to trace any transfers that have not been made (or not been made properly) and notify you of the outcome.
  • If we fail to send a P2P transfer on time, you can contact us to ask the recipient's bank (or other account provider) to pay the recipient the interest earned or reduce the interest charged (as applicable) on their account to reflect what would have been paid or charged if the transfer had arrived on time.
  • In addition to your rights above, we'll refund a transaction if the law requires us to, or if the issuer of your payment method requires it.
  • If you have any e-money in your e-money account that you haven't spent, and that we haven't sent back to you, you can ask us to send it to you at any time.
  • We will not be responsible to you for any loss or damage that you may incur as a result of us breaking this agreement due to:
    • abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances outside our reasonable control that would have been unavoidable despite all efforts to the contrary, which may for example include delays or failures caused by problems with another system or network, mechanical breakdown or data processing failures; or
    • us meeting our obligations under applicable European Union, Irish or UK law.

How might we change this agreement?
  • We can make a change to this agreement for any of the following reasons:
    • because of a change in legal or regulatory requirements, for example, we may have to change our requirements for keeping your Facebook e-money account safe to meet new, higher standards set by law;
    • if the change benefits you, for example when introducing new products or services or improving existing ones;
    • to reflect a change in our costs of running your Facebook account or providing you with the P2P service, for example by introducing an account or transaction fee;
    • in response to possible risks to the security of your Facebook account, or of Messenger when used for P2P transfers, for example by changing the security steps you need to follow to access your e-money account or make a payment; or
    • to respond to any other change that affects us, if it's fair to pass on the effects of the change to you, for example to reflect developments in digital payments.
  • We may make changes for any other reason that we cannot foresee, for example to respond to changes in our industry that affect how we wish to deliver our services to you.
  • We'll tell you about a change to this agreement at least two months before it takes effect. You can object to the change before it takes effect, but this will end the agreement. If you do not object to the change, we will take that as your acceptance of the change. If a change is required by law or relates to the addition of a new service, extra functionality to an existing service or any other change that neither reduces your rights nor increases your responsibilities, the change will be made without prior notice to you and shall be effective immediately

How can you or we end this agreement?
  • This agreement will continue until you or we end it.
  • You can end this agreement at any time via the Facebook Payments Support Centre.
  • We can end this agreement, including closing your e-money account and ending your use of Messenger for P2P transfers, at any time, by telling you at least two months before doing so.
  • We can also end this agreement, close your Facebook e-money account and end your use of Messenger for P2P transfers more quickly if:
    • we reasonably believe you are using your e-money account or our P2P service fraudulently or illegally;
    • we have to do so by law; or
    • you use our P2P service for business, commercial or merchant transactions.
    We will tell you that we're doing this as soon as we can if the law allows us to.
  • If this agreement ends, it will not affect any transactions that you've already asked us to make.

Other terms
  • Each time you make a charitable contribution or P2P transfer, we'll send you a receipt to the email address that you've given us, including details about the transaction
  • If you'd like to receive a monthly statement of your charitable donations and P2P transfers instead, please let us know via the Facebook Payments Support Centre.
  • You can ask us to send you a copy of this agreement, the Community Payments Terms and the Terms of Service as they apply from time to time or you can get a copy of them from www.facebook.com/payments_terms/eu_regulated_payments, www.facebook.com/payments_terms and https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms, respectively.
  • Section 4(3) and 4(4) of the Terms of Service, including the section limiting our liability to you under this agreement, apply to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law. However, if you are a consumer and habitually reside in the UK, the laws of your home nation will apply to any claim, cause of action or dispute that you have against us that arises out of or relates to this agreement (a "claim"), and you may resolve your claim in any competent court in your home nation that has jurisdiction over the claim.
  • This agreement, the Community Payments Terms and sections 3(1), 4(3), 4(4) and 5 of the Terms of Service make up the entire agreement between you and us in relation to your e-money account and the P2P service. In the event of any conflict between this agreement and the Community Payments Terms or the Terms of Service, this agreement shall apply.
  • If any part of this agreement is disallowed or found not to be effective by a court or regulator, the rest of it shall continue to apply.
  • We may choose not to enforce our rights against you and make this contractually binding against us by giving you a notice that expressly states that we have chosen to do so under these terms of the agreement. In all other cases, if we choose not to exercise rights against you, we can still do so later.
  • You may not transfer any of your rights or obligations under this agreement.
  • This agreement shall be concluded and interpreted in the English language. If this agreement is translated into another language, it is for reference purposes only.

What to do if you have a complaint
  • If you have a complaint relating to your e-money account or the P2P service, please contact us at the Facebook Payments Support Centre.
  • You may be entitled to refer the complaint to the ombudsman. An ombudsman may not consider a complaint if you have not provided us with the opportunity to resolve it previously.
  • In Ireland, the ombudsman's contact details are:

    Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman
    Lincoln House, Lincoln Place, Dublin 2, D02 VH29, Ireland
    Tel: +353 1 567 7000
    Email: info@fspo.ie

  • If you are a consumer and habitually reside in the UK, you may be entitled to refer the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), details of which are available here. You can also call them on 0800 023 4567 or tell them about a complaint online. Their address is: Exchange Tower, Harbour Exchange Square, Isle of Dogs, London E14 9SR, UK.
  • Alternatively, you may be able to submit your complaint via the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution platform, which can be found at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.
  • Neither the Irish Investor Compensation Scheme nor the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme apply to your Facebook e-money account. No other compensation scheme exists to cover losses connected to the e-money account.

Information about us
Facebook Payments International Limited is a company incorporated in the Republic of Ireland (Company No. 496091), whose registered and head office is at 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Republic of Ireland.
Facebook Payments International Limited is regulated as an electronic money institution by the Central Bank of Ireland (the "CBI") under registration number C148215. For further information, please see the CBI register at http://registers.centralbank.ie/ or contact the CBI using the following details:
Address: Central Bank of Ireland, PO Box 559, Dublin 1, Ireland
Tel: +353 1 224 6000
Email: enquiries@centralbank.ie
Facebook Payments International Limited has deemed permissions for the provision of payment services and e-money in the UK under the UK Temporary Permissions Regime, for which Facebook Payments International Limited is subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority (the "FCA"). Details of the Temporary Permissions Regime, which allows EU-based electronic money institutions to operate in the UK for a limited period, are available on the FCA's website.