Privacy Policy Questions

If you need help logging into your account, please visit the Help Center.

If your account is disabled you can learn more about why your profile may have been disabled and what you can do if you think it was disabled by mistake, please visit the Help Center.

If you think your account was hacked, you can secure it by going to the Help Center.
Access your information
As a Facebook user, you can access your Facebook information using our self-service tools. To get specific types of your Facebook information, such as photos, posts, reactions and comments, visit the Access Your Information and Download Your Information tools.
Download your information
You can download a copy of information you've provided to Facebook using the Download Your Information tool.
To learn more about the categories of your Facebook Information available to you, please visit the Help Center.
Port your information
You can transfer a copy of information you created and shared on Facebook to other services using the Transfer Your Information tool.
Delete your information or account
As a Facebook user you may delete something you uploaded or shared on Facebook, please follow our instructions in the Help Center.
You can also delete information from your Facebook account via your Facebook Activity Log. To learn more about how to manage your Activity Log please visit the Help Center.
You can also delete your Facebook account at any time by logging into your account and by following the steps outlined in the Help Center article to permanently delete your account. To learn what happens when you permanently delete your account please click here.
The information we collect and process about you depends on how you use our Products.
Take control in Privacy Center or in your Facebook settings to manage the information we collect about you.
If you would like to learn more about the information Meta collects, please click here.
We use information we collect to provide a personalized experience to you, including ads, along with the other purposes we explain in detail below in our Privacy Policy.
If you would like to learn more about how Meta uses your information, please click here.
On Meta Products, we have different cases when your information can be shared on our Products. With Integrated Partners, you can choose to connect with Integrated Partners who use our Products. If you would like to learn more about how your information is shared, please click here.
Information shared with Partners, Vendors, Service Providers, and Third Parties.
We don't sell any of your information to anyone, and we never will. We also require Partners and third parties to follow rules about how they can and cannot use and disclose the information we provide.
If you would like to learn more about how your information is shared, please click here.
In the Privacy Policy, we explain how we collect, use, share, retain and transfer information. We also let you know your rights. Each section of the Policy includes helpful examples and simpler language to make our practices easier to understand.
If you would like to read our Privacy Policy, please click here.
When you enter your details and submit a request, we will get in touch with you and assist you. We process your data according to our Privacy Policy.