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Classic Pages on Facebook are updating to the new Pages experience. You’ll still have access to many of the same features to manage your professional presence, build your brand or business, grow your audience and connect with followers. Your content, insights, ads, Likes and followers will automatically transfer when your Page updates.
If you have Facebook access to a new Page, you can download a copy of your Page.
When the file is ready, you'll receive an email or a notification, depending on your privacy settings. From the email or notification, click Download Page and enter your password to continue. Keep in mind that the link to your file will expire after 4 days.
New Pages Experience
When requesting a copy of your new Page, you can select what information you want included in the file.
To download a copy of your Page:
  1. Log into Facebook, then click your profile photo in the top right.
  2. Click See all Profiles, then select the Page you want to switch into.
  3. Click your Page’s profile photo in the top right of Facebook.
  4. Click Settings & privacy, then click Settings.
  5. Click Privacy in the left menu, then click Facebook Page Information.
  6. Click View Next to Download Profile Information.
  7. Select file options, including:
    • The format of your download request.
    • The quality of photos, videos and other media.
    • A specific date range of information. If you don't select a date range, you'll request all the information for the categories you've selected.
  8. Click the boxes on the right to add or remove categories of data from your request.
  9. Click Request a download at the bottom to confirm the download request.
Once we've finished preparing your download request, we'll send a notification to your main profile letting you know it's ready.
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