How does Meta receive information from other businesses and organisations?

We offer tools to businesses and organisations that help us give people a better experience across Meta technologies and programs, while also letting businesses and organisations reach the right people for their business.
Some ways that we receive information from businesses and organisations include:
  • The Meta pixel and Facebook SDK. The Meta pixel and Facebook SDK are tools that businesses can choose to add to their website or app. These tools allow the business to send information about people's interactions on their website or app to Meta, such as when someone makes a purchase or opens an app.
  • Facebook Login and Account Kit. A business can add Facebook Login or Account Kit to their app or website, which lets you log in without having to create and remember a new password. When a business uses Login or Account Kit, we get some information from them, such as the type of device you're using.
    • With Facebook Login, you log in to a business's website with your Facebook account information.
    • With Account Kit, you log in to an app or website using your phone number or email address.
Some things we do with this information:
A few things we do with these tools to improve your Meta experience include:
  • Show you ads that you might be interested in, which introduce you to new products and services. For example, you may see ads for hotel deals if you visit travel websites.
  • Create a more personalised experience for you by suggesting things that you might be interested in, such as events that you may want to go to. For example, you may see events for fitness classes if you've recently bought athletic clothing.
  • Identify suspicious activity to help keep Meta secure.
Businesses and organisations also use our tools to help them:
  • Understand and measure how their website, app or ads are performing and whether they're reaching the right people.
  • Connect to new customers who might be interested in their products and services.
Bear in mind that:
  • We don't sell your information to anyone.
  • We prohibit businesses or organisations from sharing sensitive information with us, such as health and financial information, your date of birth and passwords. If we determine that a business or an organisation is violating our terms, we'll take action against that business or organisation.
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