AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Power Act .1958 extended for another 6 months w.e.f 30th June. 2018 but... why?
The centre has extended another 6 months declaring whole of Nagaland, Assam and Manipur ( excluding Municipal area in Imphal) as a “disturbed area”
The GOI (Govt. of India) and NSCN is under ceasefire agreement since 1997.
This draconian act of 1958 disturbed the normal day-today-life of civilians living in fear of Indian Armies torturing and killings under mere suspicion of the involvement with the Militants .
How can Ceasefire go along with Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA)?
This is in clear violation of Human Rights. Why should we live in fear?
Indian Armies are not a terror but the Govt.of India makes us think so (bluntly speaking)!
Since my childhood I live in fear seeing Indian Armies because they, under the pretext of combing operation terrorise my Village beating up whoever they think is involved with Militants without proper Arrest warrant or proof/Sabut!
As I grow up abiding Indian constitution, I do believe I’m a free man living in the largest democratic world .
Why should such Act (which is clearly in violation of Human Rights) ruined the very birth right of me living as a free man?
Mr. Prime Minister please stop imposing this AFSPA 1958. in my state and many parts of Northeast India mentioned above !
Jai Hind... �
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