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Lee Jong-yongs deacon, who praised and served the Lord, is suffering from illness.
We need our love ...!

God of love!
We praise God for knowing our needs and knowing our needs....

I pray that the grace of God will come.
(1 Peter 2:24, 4: 2)
Almighty God, the God who raised the dead.
Deacon Lee Jong Yong praised and served the Lord.

Lee, Jong-Yongs deacon, who praised and served the Lord, is suffering from hyperlipidemia, headache thrombosis, chest pain, cardiac arrhythmia, chronic arthritis and chronic gastritis.
I had difficulties in a homeless shelter.

Lord, help me?
Waiting for help.
Jongyong Lee Butler suffers from physical difficulties and poor families.
My family needs household debt, hospital surgery costs.
Lee Jong-yongs deacon awaits Gods loving touch in a difficult situation with physical suffering and a poor family.

Jongyong Lee Butler pray in tears with family suffering.
We would be grateful if we could help our family with Gods warm loving hand.
Give God the grace of healing to Deacon Lee.
Lord, help me
I come to God with tears every day.
I am waiting for the love of God.
I believe that the Lord will fill me in some way.

I ask all things to the Lord. ~ ^ ♡ ^ ~
I have received the Holy Spirit through the Word of God,
Difficult home life
Thank God for receiving the Holy Spirit through physical suffering.
Through difficult family life and physical suffering
I have shown greater grace in the word of Gods blessing
Lord, help me?
At any moment, God has not forsaken me.

He forgave me and showed me greater grace through physical suffering.
Lee Jong - yong s deacon shed tears to God and eagerly awaits God s love.

I pray that God will fill me in some way.
I ask all things to the Lord. ~ ^ ♡ ^ ~
For My Family:
We pray that God will give us home and much.
Help us pray that God will provide for us a house and lot (we do not have it until now and we are homeless. Please pray and connect us to

Jongyong Lee family who loves God and deacons The people of God with hearts for their families
Pray for the blessing and preparation of God.
We are waiting for help.
Help Jongyong Lee Butler.
Please connect us to God’s people to whomever you know can help us people who truly love God and

Pray that God will fulfill our everyday needs
I am a Christian butler.
Everyone God uses as his instrument.
We pray that you will be one of Gods answers to our prayers. We need your prayers and help in reaching out to the people. Thank you in advance and God greatly reward you.
Respectfully Yours,
Jongyong Lee Butler
Missionary, Evangelist, Butler
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Note: Can be used to send help.

Christian joint fundraiser [Missionary sponsorship],
or arbitrary transfer Korea Kookmin Bank
††† Korea Kookmin Bank account Number †††
058101 - 04 - 344197 Lee Jong - Yong Butler or
H.P 010 -9301-0179
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it is doing very important work excellent
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