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this site is for uninformed democrats.not hard to brainwash low intelligence voters.i can believe an...y being stupid enough to believe this crap See More
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Former President Barack Obama Was The Best President. He is Highly Educated, Has Decent Morals,... Very Honest, Inspiring Man, Decent Family Man, Did Well For American People And His Country. God Bless President Barack Obama and His Family. Amen🙏 Thank You Former President Barack Obama❤ See More
Honestly I only thought so much about the man when he took office even though I had voted for him.. ...but he had 4 years to prove himself.. and he did.. not only did he have to fight the other side of the aisle.. but he had to fight those within his own party who had bowed to corporate interest.. a tough spot for the man to be in.. a very skilled negotiator.. a man of principle.. battling the powers-that-be to make the country better.. I do realize from my experience as a local union president.. that these things are a matter of give-and-take.. but by the time his eight-year term was done.. he had come out ahead and done the best for the American people.. he wasn't perfect but I couldn't name a president that was.. but I am well assured he was the best in my generation See More
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