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Video Transcript
Look at what you're doing neighborhood Okay. China is crying because of social media. Smile for the camera. You recording me, I'm recording you how much your phone. Shame on you shame on you shame on you now, why don't you go. I want you to tell them that go ahead and tell them go ahead and tell them that you you brought your dog bite my child shame on you. shame on you. shame on you did you just say I thought yes, you're gonna go around my child will come to take me away from my child ma' am you know that's a lie you. She just said. I brought my dog to bite no She is crazy, crazy crazy good good. You just hit me right. You just hit me right. you just hit me and I have that on camera too. Thank you. Mike Shame on you. Here's my biting dog shame on you vote. You wanna go go go inside your House your child go inside your House. You want you coming to talk to me. If you wanna come and talk to me what was your phone you want to record me. you brought your choke. Alright. Let me tell you something you want myself. Are you a yes? alright was that you need to have some respect for my child. You bought a dog. I don't know around my child. you think you brought this. I don't care. I don't know I don't know your dog. Are you ready? Excuse me, you're invading my private look look look there you go. Alright. good. got it got it got it. What's your name? Imma get the license you get the license plate. Look at what you're doing. Look at what look at what you're doing neighborhood okay victim. First of all when you hit my phone twice there, you go go ahead and stop huh. Oh. yeah. that's right. It's not your problem. This is my property. Yes, you're missing and I am holding your property. We will move don't worry about it. If you are a shame on you shame on you racist. Racist shame on you you you, You didn't tell them that. Bye. Call the cops right ahead they will do it right now.
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