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Video Transcript
It's really fantastic to be here with all these other veterans so sell them. we get together and a voice to say to Congress. You know do the right thing stand by the Constitution and act on your conscience today is the culmination of about a month long journey that got us to this point. We organize about 60 veterans started Vancouver Kalamazoo and then Decatur and then Syracuse and then Bucks County and we ended up here in DC today urge Congress to support. Peach Mcqueary and understand that Trump broke the law it needs to be held accountable. It was amazing that Speaker Pelosi showed up it just shows that veterans have Super powerful voices around the country. You all have been so courageous in so many ways personally, patriotically and the rest. Thank you for this act of courage to defend America's democracy. What I see is being a stake is it as our American democracy. You know our experiment with being a Democratic Republic. I think it's probably the most. That we have as American citizens and his veterans and it's a legacy. I wanna leave to my children and my grandchildren. It's important to get with my fellow veterans who are on the same page and understand what we decided to do when we took that oath. Donald Trump broke the law and Congress needs to put country over party and hold him accountable now.
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