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Video Transcript
All about 2020, you just wanna jot by an out. what's your response? Well? I don't know I don't know other than I guess I had pictures taken which I do with thousands of people including people today that did you meet but just better I don't know him at all. I don't know what he's about. I don't know where he comes from no nothing about him. I can only tell you this thing is a big hoax. It's a big hose. we call it. this is the current hooks we've gone through the Russian, which I we've gone through. A lot of them from probably before I came down the escalator, but certainly since I came down the escalator, you take a look at what's happened and in the meantime, our country doesn't matter what he's trying to probably make a deal with you and pray that you know. I don't even know who this man is other than I guess he attended fundraisers. so I take a picture with him. I'm in a room. I take pictures with people. I take thousands and thousands of pictures with people all the time thousands during the course of the year and it. Often times I'll be taking a picture with somebody else say I wonder what newspaper that one 's gonna appear in. No. I don't know him. Perhaps he's a fine man. Perhaps he's not. I know nothing about him. He just thought I can tell you this more than just taking pictures from further, he says. I don't know him. I don't believe I've ever spoken to him and he said. I don't believe I've ever spoken to him, but there's thousands of the President. I read thousands and thousands of people as President. I take thousands of pictures and I And I do it openly and I do it gladly and then if I have a picture of where I'm standing with somebody at a fundraiser like I believe I saw a picture with this this man, but I don't know I had never had a conversation that I remember with him so when he certainly let me just tell you you just have to take a look at the polls quiet you just have to take a look at the pictures. you just have to take a look at the polls. you see underneath anybody's help. we're doing phenomenally well. the economy is the best it's ever been a we've never had an economy like this in his. We just made the two best trade deals in the history of our country. We are doing well. I don't need the help of a man that I never met before other than perhaps taking a picture of a fundraiser. nearly a dozen times. Trump denied knowing left harness nearly a dozen times in two minutes. and if you know anything about Donald Trump, what that tells you is that he definitely definitely knows who left harness is his denials came on the heels of the bombshell allegations leveled against him by the former Giuliani. Harness appeared on Rachel Maddow Show and said that despite Trump claiming ignorance about Giuliani's efforts to help him extort Ukraine, the President knew exactly what was happening. What do you think is the main inaccuracy or the main lie? That's being told that you feel like you can correct that the President didn't know what was going on. President Trump know exactly what was going on. he was aware of all my movements. he I wouldn't do anything without the consent of Rudy Giuliani or the President in terms of. The President, what he has said about you he said about you and mister Freeman Freeman. I don't know those gentlemen. I don't know about them. I don't know what they do, you're saying. that was not a true statement from the President. He lied now luckily for us Trump Dane to take some time away from his prayer event today, which knowing Donald Trump must have been really really difficult for him. Now, we're standing the fact that the guys had more Affairs than most people have had relationships in their entire lives. Just take a look at what this quote prayer event actually. On the table in front of him is his 2016 electoral map by County, we are three years into this term and the President of the United States, a full-grown man physically cannot help, but bring his safety blanket his big Red map into meetings in the Oval Office. honestly, though, who could guess that an event surrounding prayer wouldn't be enough to hold Donald Trump's attention. Now, despite Trump's Super persuasive technique of desperately denying over and over again that he's ever met the guy Partners was decidedly unimpressed. Did you think you were friends? Absolutely, I mean again I went from being a top donor from being at all the events where we would just socialize to becoming a close friend of Rudy Giuliani's to eventually becoming his ally and his asset on the ground in Ukraine, the President has said when you arrested, President United States said, he didn't know you, I don't know those gentlemen that was possible. I have a picture with them because I have a picture with everybody. I don't know them. The truth is out now. Thank God. Yes, there was a big day for. I thank God every day I was worried that that day is not gonna come. I thought they were gonna shut me up. make me look like the scape goat and try blame me for stuff that I wasn't done. but with God's help and great legal team that I have besides me, we were able to get the information out and now it's out there. so I welcome him to say that even more every time, he says. I'll show him another picture. He's lying. He's lying and so basically what we're left with at this point is that it's really a matter of who you believe and on one side we have partner who's released countless photo. Himself in Donald Trump, who is a known and close associate of Rudy Giuliani, who was literally carrying out a mission in Ukraine that Trump himself was hell bent on achieving and those activities were validated when pencils attendance at Zalenski inauguration was revoked after he didn't Grant partners. The announcement of the Biden Pro that he was seeking for Trump and on the other side is Donald Trump, who recently lied about the path of a hurricane because this ego wouldn't allow him to admit that he made a mistake tough choices. But this is what Trump does. he doesn't even try. Author his strategy for distancing himself when his criminal accomplices inevitably get picked off, he said. Paul Manafort, his campaign chairman, quote came into the campaign very late and was with us for a short period of time. He called George Papadopoulos, his foreign policy adviser, a quote low-level volunteer. The White House said that Trump and Steve Bannon, his chief strategist, were not quote, particularly close and most recently, Trump said that he quote hardly knows Gordon Sunline his campaigns donor of A million dollars who. Installed this ambassador to the European Union and spoke directly with on the phone to discuss Ukraine. If Don Junior ever ratted out his father guaranteed Trump would pretend he never met the guy and swear up and down that he only has four kids. Here's the thing. Trump's denials carry no weight. He has spent months gas lighting the American people pretending that all the evidence against him somehow doesn't exist. We have the corroborated whistle blower complaint showing that he asked Alinsky for the personal favor of an investigation into the Bidens. We know that Trump withheld 390 - one million dollars in military assistance from Ukraine, which the government accountability Office announced today was in What's known as the Impoundment Control Act were in the President is not allowed to substitute his own policy priorities for those that Congress has already enacted into law. We know that Trump anointed Rudy Giuliani taxes a shadow State Department to facilitate the investigation into the Bidens. We've heard from firsthand witnesses like Gordon Sunland, who admitted that not only was Giuliani acting at the direction of the President, but that satisfying Giuliani's demands was a condition for any official relationship between the United States and Ukraine. We know that Maria Bannon was removed from her post, apparently after being physically surveilled by another one of Giuliani's Goons for her unwillingness to play. In this illegal extortion scheme, the list goes on and on, and just as Trump has denied all of this every step of the way, so has his credibility regarding anything to do with Ukraine completely vanished, so he can pretend that he's never met left harness. but at this point when it comes to Trump, his denials are basically just admissions of guilt.
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