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Video Transcript
Upon a time and colleges, all across the United States, tuition was actually free. but with a few exceptions, students and professors mostly looked a lot like this. unfortunately right around the time folks that College started looking more like this politicians like this political correctness has replaced Promark System ideas on too many campuses decided to start investing America's tax dollars shall we say elsewhere and that left you guessed it working Americans to pay the bill for College tuition went up and along with it. Loan debt colleges are forced to lower salaries, stretching educators, time and resources classes got bigger and learning conditions for students suffered. but today, educators and students are claiming your voice on campus and standing up for change. They're demanding student loan forgiveness College for all and a real voice for campus employees through their unions. Some politicians have their back and it's time for all of us to take on the ones who don't. Let's start the next chapter now join the fight today.
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