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Video Transcript
I I I I hope hope hope hope you you you you you go go go go go. back back back back to to to to where where where. where the the the fuck fuck fuck you you you came came. came from. from. Hi, it's gonna be 616 minutes. I can I just paid you back to you leave here because I gotta pick up my son, I know, but I hired you as my driver. If you were gonna do this to me, I'm gonna big the biggest complaint to lift their oh my my God. God. You You are are the the worst worst worst driver driver driver I've I've I've ever ever ever ever had. had had had okay okay okay okay. ever ever ever fucking fucking fucking. happen. happen. you're disgusting. Okay. 15 minutes I've had people wait longer. That's all the people well. You can't get me out of your car, though really thank you have a good day. Happy Valentine's Day. No. no fuck you. I'm here to pick up my kid and you're making it more difficult on me because you're being an assholes. so fuck you no not happy Valentine's Day. You can go fuck yourself and I'm gonna give you the biggest fucking complaint I've I've ever ever given. given. given. I've I've I've never never never never given given given given them them them them bad bad bad bad complain. complain complain. complain. you're you're you're a a a fucking fucking. fucking horrible. horrible lift driver. Horrible fucking person you are all I needed was some help and you won't even help me what a disgusting degree grace of a human being you are you are disgraceful. I hope you go back to where the fuck you came from. We don't deserve it. People like you. And I've never said that to anybody in my life welcome to my new self, you're an asshole. you are a fucking disgusting human being you're gonna sit here until I get a new ride. You can't even get out of this. not until I get a new ride because there's no place to go in. so since you're kicking me out of your car and you told me, I added a goddamn stop on your ride. ride. What What is is is mom? mom? mom? Daniel Daniel Daniel? Daniel Daniel No. No No No No not not not not until until until until I I I. I get get get a a a new new new lift. lift. lift you. Again, go inside and stay here til I get into lips. Eight minutes, oh should have just waited shouldn't you haven't gotten the money? It's absolutely. Oh, you're not gonna leave and let you with me in the car. I have to no you don't have to. that's your choice. That means let's go inside and the police officer maybe what you're such a disgraceful human being. I hope the fuck bad Carmen motherfucker just wait.
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