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Video Transcript
Today does Mark the beginning of the end the beginning of what we need to do to create jobs for American scrambling in the wake of layoffs, the beginning of what we need to do to provide relief for families worried that they won't be able to pay next month's bills the beginning of the first steps to set our economy on a firmer firmer foundation, foundation, foundation, paving paving paving the the the the way way way way to to. to to to long-term. long-term long-term long-term growth. growth growth and and prosperity. prosperity. Back in 2009, President Obama outlined plans for Long-term economic growth 11 years later, the unemployment rate is down the stock market is up and President Trump is raging on Twitter. He's not happy. he doesn't want. he doesn't like this. It's good for America. He should be happy about America doing exactly I would think so I'm happy about America. Good morning. How are you happy about America America doing doing well well over over the the the past past past 11 11 11 11 years, years, years, years, making making making making you you you you would would would would would think think think think think he he he. he he would would would would be be be be I I. I I I I I am am am but. but but he's he's upset upset cuz cuz. it's a. So so make it the facts of the facts and of course facts are stubborn things. I think John Adams may have said it first Ronald Reagan also loves talking about how facts are stubborn things and here are the facts that the Recovery Act was signed 11 years ago. We've had 11 years of uninterrupted economic growth. it's started and with the majority of it was through the Obama administration and if you just take the three years that Donald Trump has been as in office you. Take that time period and you compare it to Barack Obama's final three years by just about every measure Barack Obama's economy was much stronger than Donald Trump's economy and it's it's it's what's so fascinating is that the media runs around all the time they've been doing it for years. talking about will parading what Donald Trump says about how great the economy has been well? Yes, This is a recovery that began 11 years ago and if you wanna just. Look at growth economic growth, you know, cuz Donald Trump is promising 456 percent in terms of economic growth and GDP You look at the last 10 presidents and their GDP growth throughout their administrations six in 10 of those presidents, according to Axios yesterday and we'll just according to government statistics actually had stronger economies than Donald Trump. Let me say that one more time. Just for people in the media who keep parroting what Donald Trump says this is the strongest economy ever six out of the last 10 presidents have had stronger economies bigger economic growth, Bigger GDP, GDP, GDP growth than Donald Trump, which means that once again Donald Trump is in the bottom half of his class, it's it's something that he's all too familiar with.
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