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Video Transcript
How about a little fact check you know I like economic ones strongest economy ever greatest economic comeback and a return from decades of economic decay. That is how President Trump regularly describes his economy well yesterday after President Obama tweeted about signing the Economic Recovery Act back in 2009. President Trump responded on Twitter, calling it a con job claiming Obama was trying to take credit for Trump's success. Well, here's your fact check President Trump is wrong. There was no turnaround under President Trump. we are in the eleventh year of economic expansion. Much of this has been fueled by corporate tax cuts, deregulation and keeping interest rates low, which President Trump argued against during the Obama administration. The GDP in Trump's first three years is actually a bit better than Obama's last three years, but not by much and the 456 percent GDP growth that Trump promised when he never got there. Obama however. Four percent four times and what about the jobs number that the President likes to talk well. There is a lot to talk about. We are at historic lows on unemployment since taking office. However, Trump's economy has added an average of 180 - 9000 jobs a month Obama's last three years in office, 220 - 4000 jobs a month were created and last, I checked 220. - 4000 is bigger than 180.
Occupy DemocratsVideosFACTCHECK: Trump did NOT rescue our economy, OBAMA did!