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Video Transcript
Went by and you saw me your jaw drop my jaw drop it illegal thing about being a leader. This cop just pulled me over for no reason. How's it going? alright here you go. Got an idea on you too. I can't hear you gonna have to speak up man. You got me for what's that you don't have no idea no roll your window down so I can at least hear em. No. I don't you know me anyway, man. I don't know what do you know my face and oh okay. Well that's fine. What do you think I know you are not okay. Oh my God. I always ask you what I'm being stopped for us. Alright. I got a second one second though. I'm not. oh why am I. Pulled over I wanna know where I am if you can't be quiet for a second while I answer a question, I'll tell you this. it seems like I didn't commit any traffic infringements. That's not for you. everything in my car. If you keep talking, okay, I can't answer your question. Alright. Alright. I wanna hear what you got to say Okay. The matter of fact, come on out what did I do to come on If you pull me out of my car, my being detained detained right now for what stuff hanging in your mirror. You can't have that you can't do anything you're detaining. look it out where this come on for this little. Step out of the car now I need all this for evidence you know what I mean cuz I've been human hair. I'm gonna be there no hold on. I need a coupon you call my girlfriend and tell her cuz my daughter's in the backseat of his car right now. Are you getting out or what are you gonna say keep talking to show my daughter safe? Daughter's fine. Yeah hold that please. Yeah. look at this guy his part two. so you know it's about to turn up these niggas gonna try to blue niggas for no reason or let me see my license is legit what else we need Look look. we got the tail lights tail lights in case they try to lie. We got extra tail lights on deck was having a problem. I tell like, but I highly doubt that's the problem. They just wanna close over the signal up 200 feet before my turn. Oh, come to welcome. Please stop. Alright. I don't think I'm a fit, but we're taking this time anyway. There's another one right here waiting. look at this ??? look at him. Pulling over He just pulled this off for no reason. Look at this ??? This cop just pulled me over for no reason.
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