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Video Transcript
Hi, my name is Frank Schafer and I'm in Holland and you know when you are out of our country outside of the United States and you're talking to people who are looking at what's going on with Donald Trump and the Republican Party turning into a cult rather than a party and a group of senators is selling out our country, except for one brave Republican Mitt Romney who stood up for what was right and they begin to ask you questions about what is going on in our country. The sense of shame I feel as an American citizen, who's son fought for my country as a US Marine and. Stand in two tours of duty in Iraq, the sense of shame I feel when I watch Melania Trump put this high honor that America Awards the highest civilian honor around the neck of this human pig known as Russia, Rush Limbaugh. The sense of shame here in Holland is palpable. how to explain that we know have a President who has acted like a pimp turning all Americans into his core. He wrote a check to a porn star that he had slept with while he was married to the woman who just pinned this. Around somebody's neck put this medal around their neck to honor this liar this person who hatched the conspiracy theory along with others that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States. This racist who has denigrated black people through his whole career Rush Limbaugh when you see this job of the hut, this slobbering fool followed by ignorant Americans honored in our Congress. Well, the President looks into the camera and lies again and again and again about his achievements turns what should have been a dignified event into a campaign rally. The sense of shame is just palpable. Standing here in Holland, where there are monuments to those who were put up against the Wall and shot by the Nazis who marched in here not long ago before Americans pushed them out standing here where Jews were rounded up in this little town, I'm in where A hundred and 50 - four people were sent off to concentration camps. history is not a joke The direction of history towards the kind of nationalist fascism represented by Donald Trump. this corruption that he represents that is simply one family profiting out of the office of the presidency. The Republican Party, having totally sold out and lost its moorings to the point where it's now a personality cult Keep this man in office for four more years, the fact that he has now unleashed. His equity, these things add up to a National crisis and so I'd like to end simply by begging my American friends those that I'll be returning to in a couple of days to stop fooling around with our own version of personality cults in the Democratic Party, Those who will only follow Bernie Sanders. Those who are sure that Bernie Sanders would be a disaster and we need to have Joe Biden or someone else come in and save us from the left those on the right in the Republican Party who are frightened of what might happen. If a Progressive is elected or vice versa. We need to put this behind us and realize we are in a National crisis. history will not forgive Democrats anymore than it will we forgive for Republicans. If we waste the opportunity to defeat Donald Trump, you could you could elect an inner object or any passing child and come off better than what we've got now. So please don't squander it in the primaries. Don't be so fervently for Bernie Sanders. You won't work for anybody else. so don't be so fervently committed to Elizabeth Warren or Buddha judge or anyone else. We've got all pull together. now. the game is over folks. We don't have the luxury now of doing anything except getting this pig out of office with Rush Limbaugh and Melania and the whole rest of the. We need to fight stand up and depose this tyrant of sludge of low lives who are overwhelming us. Thank you. My name is Frank Schafer.
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