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Video Transcript
I spent 20 - four years in the military and we are starting to have our own streets just as bad. if not worse in the streets that we we patrolled in bag Dad and in the Hindu Kush of Afghanistan over the course of literally a month and two days, we have lost 70 -, three lives and 220 -. Seven citizens are wounded. These are children. These are people that were going to church. These are people that were were shopping in a store people going to school. I wish That I was allowed to come on here and post pictures that I have and all kinds of soldiers have to show the real carnage of what goes on in combat and what it looks like to be hit with a seven point, 62 right in the freaking face or in the chest so people could see and instead of thinking, wow look at that. That's the kinda you would think is that what it looks like for a child to have a whole in the freaking rib cage or you could stick your fist through or they're complete freaking face split into because that's what's going on in the United States of America and I'm asking for veterans to get off their get. Your assets and start freaking being heard go to your freaking legislators and tell them that they got to fucking do something We did not serve this country so that freaking people could die on the streets. 78 people killed in one month in one month. That sounds like Iraq in 2004, but it's in the United States of America because we don't have no freaking legislators. That's got the freaking balls to stand up to NRA right there. NRA right there. you have to understand I own a pistol. I own a shotgun, but my God we've got. To the table, we've got to come to the table and sit down with these people that are responsible. gun owners come to the table and sit down with people and let's come up with some plans to keep guns out of the hands of these jackasses that are walking into our Walmarts that are walking into our churches that are walking into our schools that are busted out the windows over top of concerts and just mowing people down in the United States of America. You all claim that you wanna carry a gun so you can protect yourself ain't nobody protecting shit in this country. Our citizens are dying. They're dying everywhere and you. Have you freaking people ain't never know when it's even like to squeeze a goddamn trigger, but you wanna talk again. You wanna talk a tough game if you have seen if you've seen what it really did the carnage that comes from it, then maybe you would be so quick to want to walk around carrying a freaking pistol and these people out there that are on these websites where they're pushing this racist bullshit. I'm so sick and tired of you set up a bitches out there talking about all these people that are Mexican and and how you're the racist this country is I don't see black people out there knowing people down left and right. I don't see. I don't see Mass shootings coming from the Mexican people out there. It's coming from these White supremacist. Coming from we have we have a hatred in this country and it is being fueled by the top, but my God ladies and gentlemen, something's got to stop and I could give a shit about the NRA. I'll use legislators after they're supposed to be out there standing up and fighting for people. You're too chicken shit. You're too chicken shit to stand up to the NRA you cowards. This is really hard because we got people that are dying and nobody has the balls to freaking speak up. None of you. None of you, You know, think about that. We've got people that don't have children tonight. We got people that don't have children tonight because you fucking cowards. don't have the guts to do right by this country and the people inside it. I hope everyone you burn in hell. Separate clear the way you're going all the way.
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