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Video Transcript
Thank you. Thank you. did you hate the President Speaker. Anybody Don't don't I did not, I asked a question Representative College yesterday suggested that the Democrats are doing is simply because they don't like the dog nothing to do it. Let me just say this. I think I think the President is a coward when it comes to helping our kids who are afraid of gun violence. I think he is cool when he doesn't deal with the helping our dreamers that of which were very proud. I think. In denial about the constitute about the climate crisis, however, that's about the election. This is about the elect take it up in the election. This is about the constitution of the United States and the facts that leads to the President's violation of Zote office and as a Catholic, I resent you using work hate in a sentence that addresses me. I don't hate anyone. I was raised in a way that is full a heart full of love and always pray for the President. I still pray for the present I pray for the President all the time so don't mess with me when it comes to words like that. No. I know you're not gonna believe this. but the reporter who tried to land the gotcha moment at Nancy Pelosi's expense. James Rosen is the former Fox News Chief Washington correspondent and I know you're also not gonna believe this, but he departed Fox amid allegations of sexual misconduct against three female Fox News journalists and finally, I know you're not gonna believe this but he now works. Sinclair Broadcasting the conservative media conglomerate that has bought up local TV news affiliates around the country. They currently reach 40 percent of households number that soon to be 70 - two percent you might have heard about Sinclair Media when it's quote must run segment parading pro Trump talking points about fake news was repeated for Batum on air by anchors at nearly every affiliate. Deadspin did a mash up of the segments, which quickly went viral. Hi, I'm Fox San Antonio's, Jessica Headley and I'm Ryan Wolf our Some of our Treasure Valley communities deal pass a Las Cruces communities, Eastern Iowa communities Mid Michigan communities. We are extremely proud of the quality balanced journalism that Cbs four news produces, but we are concerned about the treatment responsible. one -sided news stories plaguing our country plaguing our country. The sharing of biased and false news has become all too common on social media. More alarming. Some media outlets published the same fake stories without checking facts The sharing of biased and false news has become all too common on social media, more alarming some media outlets without checking facts first, unfortunately, some members of their own personal bias and agenda to control exactly and extremely dangerous to our democracy. Now at today's press conference, Rosen repeats this ridiculous GOP talking point that the impeachment inquiry has no validity that it's all simply because Democrats quote don't like the guy and I know what you're thinking why. Any respectable outlet try to catch Speaker Pelosi gotcha moment with the most tenuous Trump defense of all of them, and to that, I say no respectable outlet would, and that's because the question inherently implies that there's merit to the Republican defense that Trump did nothing wrong and that their responsibility for his impeachment lies with the Democrats, which is patently untrue for those of you who work at Sinclair Station in Heaven. Bobby Reading the news beyond whatever must run segments are being spoon Fed to you. Trump is being impeached because he tried to extort. Into opening an investigation into his top political opponent, he withheld legally allocated Taxpayer-funded military assistance to Ukraine as they were battling Russia, the same country mind you that had just interfered in our own elections. He directed Rudy Giuliani to act as a shadow State Department and circumvent National security protocols to make sure the investigation into Biden happened. He directed the rest of his officials, including Gordon Simmons, who testified to Congress under oath to make sure that the Ukrainians knew that the release of the aid. White House meeting would be conditioned on the announcement of that investigation. so while Democrats may very well not like Donald Trump, it was him and him alone who is responsible for bringing about his impeachment. I mean think about it. We have a political party that once actually branded itself as the party of personal responsibility, blaming the Democrats for doing their constitutional duty and conducting oversight on a President who committed bribery a crime so grave that it is literally spelled out in the constitution by name and. Of course, to the surprise of exactly no one Trump sees this failed setup to nonetheless take a swipe at Speaker Pelosi he took to Twitter writing Nancy Pelosi just had a nervous fit. She hates that we will soon have A hundred and 80 - two great new judges and so much more stock market and employment records. she says she prays for the President. I don't believe her not even close to help the homeless in your district. Nancy USMC, A, and you gotta love Donald Trump. The Evangelical hero who paid off porn stars for a Pharisee had while Melania was at Fifth son by three women who has accused of sexual assault by more than two dozen women who is responsible for locking children in cages on the border who tried to take health care away from tens of millions of Americans. You gotta love that guy trying to question someone else's commitment to their Christianity. I'm not sure Trump is exactly the best person to be casting doubt on whether someone else is praying believably enough now granted this isn't the first time that Trump is desperately tried to make the Speaker look bad only to have it backfire in October. Democratic leaders held a press conference about yet another unproductive meeting with Trump with Pelosi saying that Trump had a meltdown. I pray for the President all the time and I tell them that I pray for safety and that of his family right now we have to pray for his health, but his sister, who is a very serious meltdown on the part of the President and Trump's response in his infinite originality was to take to Twitter with a photo from the meeting and the caption nervous Nancy's on hinge meltdown only the photo, which showed Pelosi standing up to a spate of Republicans include. All of whom look small and ashamed was immediately Co opted by the left with even Pelosi herself, making it her Twitter banner some grade A political calculus by the President and yet these cheap shots, whether by conservative members of the media or the President himself are certain to continue because it's all the right has they can't argue on the substance of what Trump has done so they need to live baseless attacks and propagate lies and so doubt and spread this information they will do whatever they can to distract from the simple clear, cut black and White issue at the heart of all of these Trump committed an impeachable offense and just like the Constitution. Says he should be removed from office.
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