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Video Transcript
The one entity that should not be in the Center of that very hard decision is the federal government. As an evangelical Christian, I am continually bombarded by Democratic candidates who demonize my beliefs, calling them bigoted and intolerant, and I don't feel the respect and honor for my values and what I believe in why should I give up things that I hold dear that I teach my children about things like ending abortion, traditional marriage and religious freedoms. Why should I give up those things that I love so much and believe so deeply in to vote for an individual like yourself, I was born and raised. I've been a Sunday school teacher and most of the Scripture I quoted still King James I'm old school on this but I don't think you have to be a religious person to have good values. It's a question that abortion I understand that you and I may have differences. There may be a lot of different views in this room, but here's what I'm startin about and that is a woman who's in the position of trying to decide what she's going to do about a pregnancy that she may not have planned for May not have hoped for may have been forced upon her is a woman who should. Able to call on anyone for help she should be able to call on her partner. she should be able to call on her mom. She should be able to call on her priest or rabbi or her pastor, but the one entity that should not be in the Center of that. very hard decision is the federal government. That's how I see it. So I'll be respectful of you. I and I believe you when you say you're respectful of me. Have a difference about the view about the federal government on this issue, but boy I sure would like to think about the parts we come together on on the importance of investing in every single baby in this country. that's what we can do. We've got a chance to do this and I hope we're able to do it. Thank you to him. Thank you. Thank you.
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