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Video Transcript
That's why privilege right there. We're on, I have floor to ceiling windows in the living room with the blinds were up anybody who walked by would have seen that I was home at some point. My dog demanded to go out and I let her back into the backyard and went back to watch my movie about five minutes later, I heard her barking furiously and I went into the kitchen into the backyard where I keep my back door open and my storm door shut and as I walked to the patio, I saw two flashlights flitting across my backyard in the dark, Indiana the grass. And when I walked out to my patio, I had to yell out who's back there and the answer that I got is it's the police. I'm a White woman in a Middle class neighborhood and the circumstances of my call. the police were called out to a barking dog, Not a welfare call a barking dog, but the police came on to my property. They started fleeting around and creeping around stealthily. They did not come to my. Door and announce themselves when anybody could have seen that someone was home instead, they floated around and they were stealthy and it wasn't until I cried out that they announced themselves as the police I am alive and Tay is not. And that's why that's why privilege right there because nice. The police shot my dog and I'm mortified to say that, but after that night, that was my feelings, what if they shot my dog if I were a black woman in this city, my fear would be what if they shot me. I stand with you and I commend you for wanting to have a police oversight Committee. What I ask of you is that you have a criminal defense attorney present on that Committee. We watch body cams all day. We can tell you what's going on and we can name names. Thank you.
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