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Video Transcript
You're gonna get shot. you come another fucking foot close to me you you run into me. You'll get fucking shot so you're not blocking me. You're not holding this is my campus brother. You're not holding me here right but you're standing in the way so I can't leave so you are fucking well now you're being recorded. I know okay. so unless you put that car in Park well for what for what you're true and no, I'm not you're trying to leave campus. That's what true it is allowed to leave campus. I'm old enough to leave. Those wheels to the to the right mister Miller. No are you holding here against my world right now, you're a juvenile, you're a juvenile. Thank you, I'm allowed to leave. I don't care well, then you're true it. Okay, I'm chilling. I'm truly you're defying miss Bond using profanities. I'm define. We're just standing here. What are you talking about? you know on my way? Oh, you're not in charge of me as your blossom. Did he pull up here? He pulled up here or do we pull in front of him? He didn't pull him in front of us. So what do you wanna do give him a? A couple referrals or you know what you can do. I'll tell you what you can do you can you can take the early vacation and not come back. That's the way. How's that and and and not come back. Yes. I am yes. I am really good. You leave this parking lot four days out for what that's her job. Yes. so excited. I'm not gonna stay in here. You're gonna tell her what her job is. Yeah. yeah. he is because because so funny like he's actually so funny because I'm leaving that go do something like legitimate and then so when I come back. Would like an excuse paper that says I was allowed to leave and it's like so fun. There's no excuse. No. no. no there is like there is an exceeded. what is it? I can't? I'm not gonna tell you inside. I just think it's funny like I think it's funny how y'all are asking. We're harassing you. I mean you're leaving campus. you're the only one leaving camp, the only thing that you have.
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