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Video Transcript
Do you think the President's answer is going to be about participating in those hearings on Monday? Well, I'm not going to get ahead of that announcement of course, but up until this point we've seen this is illegitimate. It's a sham. It doesn't hurt Donald Trump that the Democrats are going down this fake impeachment road. It hurts the American people. You know, Nancy Pelosi stepped to the podium yesterday. She could've talked about USC MCA and passing it for our farmers and ranchers and auto workers, so she could have talked about fixing our infrastructure that is so badly. Repair or lowering prescription drug costs she didn't. I have to make a point to about Nancy Pelosi. I think this is key you saw today excuse me you saw yesterday that Nancy Pelosi pointed out she was moving forward impeachment before we even responded to chairman Nadler letter. She did the same thing earlier when she said move forward with impeachment before we even released the transcript with Zalenski and who could forget. We're gonna pass Obamacare before we know what's in it. This is a pattern of her. She doesn't need proof. She doesn't need evidence all. As a political power grab to try and take back power that she lost because of a bad decision. Okay, I wanna ask you how confident you are in Republicans. Here's what Senator Chris Coons had to say we will be relying on a small number of Republicans who are pushing back against this idea and who recognize that impeachment is a serious significant constitutional moment. there are I believe a few Republicans who recognize that what President Trump did here was demonstrably impeachable. Who are very concerned about the political consequences for them in their party? Hogan is that true are there are few Republicans who think that what the President did is demonstrably impeachable. Well, we've already had a vote on it in the House and in lock step the Republicans did together, which they never did it about the Senate because because of what this President the evidence he's done nothing wrong. I mean that's pretty clear at this point the Senate as as I mentioned before the President is clear. If it goes there, he wants a trial. He welcomes it. He wants the American public. Absolutely wants to bring forward serious witnesses like the whistleblower like Adam Schiff, like Hunter and Joe Biden. If they're gonna do this if the Democrats want this fight is something the President is willing to have this is the White House's deputy press Secretary Hogan Diddley giving the closest thing that we've had to a press briefing in 270 days to be clear. the actual press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, who is official duty, seem to be tweeting, gets paid a hundred and 70 - $9000. Dollars So if you like Twitter congratulations, you've now fulfilled these soul qualification to be the next White House press Secretary Gilley starts off by complaining that Pelosi isn't taking up the USMC, A and to that, I can only say that it must be really really frustrating when a bill is ready to be passed. and yet nothing happens almost like how more than 250 bills that passed the House. but Republicans in the Senate refuse to take any of them up. I guess if Nancy Pelosi simply bragged about how she was the Grim Reaper. Would have no choice but to let it slide just like they do from McConnell. I mean goodly literally complains that Nancy Pelosi spent time on her press conference talking about impeachment as opposed to infrastructure or lowering prescription drug prices. First of all she spoke about impeachment because the press conference was about impeachment. I'm not out here claiming to speak for Nancy Pelosi, but that might be why she didn't bring up arbitrary bills at her press conference and second of all if the White House was actually concerned about infrastructure or lowering prescription drug costs. Gilly says they would recognize the Democrats in the House already introduced legislation addressing both issues. HR 1420 - eight the transportation infrastructure for Jobs Creation Act appropriates funding for infrastructure projects in HR 980 - seven. The strengthening health care and lowering prescription drug Cost Act passed the House in May and has been languishing in the Senate ever since it's almost like this isn't actually about infrastructure lowering drug costs. Now once Kinley is finished pretending that we're not allowed to conduct oversight on the President for committing crimes because we have to pass the USMC A instead he tries to Forward with impeachment before the White House responded to Nadler letter, just like she did when she opted to move forward before Trump released the transcript Zalenski. But here's the thing she moved forward with impeachment because of the very reason that the White House was failing to respond and was purposely dragging their feet. It was those very active obstruction that form the basis of yet more articles of impeachment. So, of course, Democrats move forward with impeachment after Trump obstructed considering that is partially why he's being impeached but far away. Insane claim by Godley is that Trump welcomes an impeachment trial so long as certain conditions are being met such as the testimonies of the whistleblower, Adam Schiff and Hunter and Joe Biden. Now I should mention right off the bat that making his official actions dependent on ridiculous conditions being met is probably not the optics. The White House is looking for right now, but beyond that, you could not find a more absurd false equivalency than conditioning Trump's involvement in his own impeachment for trying to bribe a foreign country into doing his political bidding. With calling completely unrelated witnesses for made up accusations that have nothing to do with Trump's actions, the whistleblower's identity is utterly irrelevant. considering everything in the whistleblowers complaint has already been proven true. most of it by Trump's own admission. That's like if a guy was caught in the act robbing a Bank. But before he stands trial, he demands that the arresting police officer also testified and find out whether he's a Democrat or Republican first make sense. Yeah, I didn't think so Republicans are desperate to frame. Adam Schiff is the newest Boogieman in all of these claiming that how he ran the Intel Committee hearings was unfair. Was following rules passed by Republicans in 2015 and signed by then Republican Speaker John Boehner. So if the GOP has major qualms about fairness guess who they have to blame and finally, of course, what would the GOP defense be? if not some desperate what about ism with Hunter and Joe Biden so Joe can claim that he was simply being the anti-corruption crusader that we supposedly all know he is and then he was trying to root out corruption, but the guy didn't even care. If the investigation went forward, he actually wanted was the announcement of a probe into bidding to hurt him politically, but he had he had to get those two investigations if. That official act was gonna take place correct he had to announce the investigations he didn't actually have to do them as I understood it. The fact is if the White House was looking for some legitimate witnesses, they might wanna consider allowing moving to testify or Pompeo or Giuliani or Nunez or Bolton or Pence, all of whom were implicated and aware of Trump's criminal behavior as it was being carried out. As Gordon Sunland testified under oath, everyone was in the loop within my state Department emails. There is a July. Email This email was sent this email was sent to Secretary Pompeo Secretary Perry Brian McCormick, who is Secretary Perry's chief of staff at the time. Miss Kenna, who is the acting apartment who is the executive Secretary at for Secretary Pompeo chief of Staff Mulvaney and Mister Mulvaney senior adviser Rob Blair a lot. Senior officials everyone was in the loop, but the simple truth is that as long as the White House can help it none of these people will testify and the Trump administration will continue to attack on a name conditionality is for their own participation. Of course they do this at their own peril because of the entire world can agree on one thing is that innocent people typically wanna defend themselves, which explains exactly why Trump and his accomplices are nowhere to be found.
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