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Video Transcript
Jim Jordan called me crying crying. Traveling Fourth of July bagging meeting go against my brother. Begging me. Crying for a half hour, that's the kind of cover ups and that's going on there. Jim Jordan called me several times After that that week, I had to have my lawyer call him time to stop calling me. I had a teammate George Pardon. I called and told him called Jim Jordan and tell him to quit. call me or he's throwing us under the bus. all of us. He's a coward. He's a coward. He's not a leader. He's a coward. I I I was captain of these guys. That's why I'm here. I would never been in my team. He abandoned us. our head coach abandoned us. He slipped his story. He called other people to flip their story called Mark Coleman Flip his story called his parents 90 years old. That's what we kind of person. Jim Jordan is this is Adam Sabato testifying in Ohio State House hearing that Republican Congressman Jim Jordan had personally called him and begged him to contradict the account of his own brother, a wrestler who was a victim of sexual abuse by an Ohio. University team doctor These photos is account here corroborates other accounts against Doctor Richard Strauss, who is believed to have abused at least A hundred and 70 - seven students while he worked at Ohio State University between 1978 and 1990. - eight stress died by suicide in 2005 and the College has apologized for what University President Michael Drake called a fundamental failure to act, he said. Quote our institutions fundamental failure at the time to prevent this abuse was unacceptable as there were Complaints raised by students and staff members because complaints were raised and they were raised to the coaches of which now Ohio State Congressman Jim Jordan was won. He was an assistant coach at the time and former student after student revealed that Jordan knew about the abuse and yet did nothing to stop it. even a professional referee came forward after having been one of Strauss's victims testified that he told Jim Jordan and then head coach Russ Helix on about the incident and that their response was quote. Yeah. Yeah, we know he went. Say quote it was common knowledge which Strauss was doing so the attitude was it is what it is. I wish Jim and Russ two would stand up and do the right thing and admit they knew it just was doing because everybody knew what he was doing to the wrestlers. What was a shock to me is that Charlie had tried to do that to me. He was breaking new ground by going after a ref. Even the rest. new Now, Jordan has repeatedly denied having any knowledge of the abuse, accusing people like Adam Sabato of lying because, as we all know, there's no downside whatsoever to someone. In a public forum that they are the victim of sexual abuse talk about something people are just tripping over themselves at the opportunity for Jordan's office even released a statement saying Congressman Jordan never saw or heard of any abuse and if he had he would have dealt with it. Congressman Jordan would never ask anyone to do anything but tell the truth and I had to double check as well. Yes, we're somehow talking about the same Jim Jordan because to be clear if there is one thing that Jim Jordan is known for it's his ability to stay quiet. Face of people committing crimes. He is one of the President's staunchest defenders in Congress so much so that he was actually moved to the House Intelligence Committee so that Trump would have a vocal supporter shilling for him during the televised impeachment hearings and Shell is exactly what he did as he breathlessly defended Trump despite evidence proving that he extorted a foreign country to get dirt on his top political opponent for the express purpose of cheating in the next election and orchestrating a large scale top-down cover up to hide the evidence of his crimes. In other words I. Is graduated from screwing over teenage students to mastering over the entire country, so I get that Jordan staff might think that a prepared statement claiming the quote Congressman Jordan would never ask anyone to do anything but tell the truth might sound effective, but the facts are squarely against him because not only the Jordan never wants suggest that Trump come forward and testify under oath, but he actively helped him cover up his criminal behavior. So if we're judging him based on his own record, then that doesn't instill much confidence that the Ohio Republican should be trust. Guarding the OSU scandal, The simple fact is you don't need to defer to a statement to know what kind of a person? Jim Jordan is he has a pattern of covering up crimes and abuse, even when countless people refused his denials. Even when there's plenty of evidence corroborating their claims, he doesn't belong in Congress. He belongs in prison because he knew that a team doctor was abusing hundreds of students and did nothing besides plead for people to help him and in a way he's truly a Republican through and through because regardless of what vile behavior is in front. regardless of how many people are getting hurt the only victim he sees is himself
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