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Video Transcript
In your conference have suggested that if Democrats are calling with this is like John Bolton, they may also wanna call with this is such as providing would you support comes from providers as well. I think we'll be dealing with the witness issue at the appropriate time into the trial, and I think it's certainly appropriate to point out that both sides would wanna call witnesses that they wanted to hear from. so when you get to that issue, I can't imagine that only the witnesses that our Democratic colleagues. Would wanna call would be called? The President has suggested that you should just move to dismiss you probably wanna get this over sooner rather than later, why not push to try and decide there is little or no sediment in the Republican conference for a motion to dismiss our members feel that we have an obligation to listen to the arguments and we've laid out in this resolution an opportunity for everybody to sit there. Remember centers can't say anything so they don't have to sit there and listen to listen carefully to the arguments by both the prosecution and the defense to follow that up. Questions. Submitted through the chief Justice and that means listening to the case not dismissing the case can be a fair trial. If there are no witnesses well, you know you you look at the House product you you you walk through. you really gotta wonder what the definition of a fair trial is they did almost nothing that you would expect the House to. in order to set up this case to be considered ah by the center and with regard to what weakness is necessary we're gonna go to that at the appropriate time after we listen to the argument so now we have setting the stage to make any weakness is called by Democrats condition on the presence of witnesses that republicans wanna call which as we all know is code for hundred by two and here is why that is objectively observed the witnesses that democrats wanna call are actually relevant bones lawyer said that the former national security adviser knows about code many relevant meetings and Connected to the Ukraine pressure campaign at the Center of Trump's impeachment that investigators aren't yet aware of Democrats wanna call Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney. Who's direct involvement in Trump's extortion scheme was revealed in New York Times Article, where he asked his top aide Robert Blair via email about withholding the military assistance. Blair, who Democrats also want to testify, replied that it'd be possible to withhold it, but quote expect Congress to become unhinged if the White House tries to counter man spending pass by Congress and look, I'm not gonna. For Robert Blair, but one possible reason for Congress to become unhinged if and when the White House without congressional allocated military assistance is because it's not legal and Democrats want to call Michael Duffy, an official in the Office of Management and Budget, who discussed with Robert Blair the process for releasing the 390 - one million dollars in military assistance to Ukraine even written a lengthy email to the Pentagon's top budget official, arguing that the White House wouldn't be responsible for any failure to release the Ukraine by the congressionally The Pentagon official responded by writing the words you can't be serious. I am speechless. In other words. These are relevant witnesses with first-hand accounts of the crimes that Trump committed witnesses whose testimony we need to hear. if we're even gonna pretend that this is a fair trial. Now, Republicans are claiming that Democrats should have called these witnesses to testify during the impeachment inquiry in the House, which is as disingenuous acclaim as you could find considering they tried to, but because the administration literally blocked them from appearing. Would have had to appeal to the courts and let a long judicial process play out before they could compel any administration. officials from appearing and Democrats reasonably photo would be more important to actually finish the impeachment inquiry, then to allow yet another instance of obstruction in an impeachment predicated on instruction to slow them down now because Republicans are finally acknowledging that Americans realize that a trial without relevant witnesses would be a sham, their latest desperate defenses to condition the testimonies of witnesses like Bolton or Mulvaney or Blair. On the testimony of people like Hunter and Joe Biden and even the whistleblower even senators like Rand Paul have come out and said that they've forced hundred by testify. should Republicans gain to allow Democrats relevant witnesses to appear now. Republicans know that no illegal activity occurred with any of these people when Joe Biden as vice President called for the ouster of Ukrainian Prosecutor Victor Shulkin. He wasn't doing soda shield his son who worked at Ukrainian National Gas Company Barisan. He was joining the US government, the European Union the Internet. Monetary Fund and Anti-corruption advocates in Ukraine, who knew how corrupt show can was in fact by virtue of calling for Shopkins ouster, Biden actually increase the likelihood that Barisan would be scrutinized by a non-corrupt prosecutor and as for the whistleblower who Republicans are foaming at the mouth to discredit, it's too late. considering everything in that person's complaint has already been corroborated. The complaint alleged that Trump asked for a favor from a foreign leader, which he did. it alleged that Trump tried to lock down records of that call, which he did it allegedly Trump withheld military assistance from Ukraine, which he did ended alleged that Trump anointed Rudy Giuliani to act. A shadow State Department to facilitate an investigation into the Bidens, which he did it honestly wouldn't matter if the whistleblower was the boogeyman Hillary Clinton's herself. The complaint has been cooperated and no smear campaign against the whistleblower is going to change that. But this is all Republicans have. They are desperate to turn your attention away from the facts of this case and turn it into a circus to try and legitimize their own insane conspiracy theories by forcing the subjects of those theories like the Bidens and the whistle blowers to take the stand it. A sham and they know it, it is a blatant attempt to try and justify Trump's criminal behavior by pointing the finger at someone else. The GOP might think that they can absolve the President, but the vast majority of Americans already know exactly what he's done and then the efforts from the right to prove otherwise just serve to make them look even guiltier than they already are.
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