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Video Transcript
Second hearing third witness third witness who has no firsthand knowledge of the subject that is supposed to be the focus of this entire inquiry. Third witness who never talked to the President third witness who never spoke with Chief of staff Mulvaney, who was not third witness who was not on the call third witness. He wasn't even as I said in Ukraine when when when they're relevant during the relevant time frame wasn't even there when President Lindsey that left before he was even inaugurated as as the new President so. Four facts I say this every time, but it's the truth for facts have never changed. We'll never change. We got the call transcript. There was no conditionality or linkage on the call between an investigation Security assistance. We have the two individuals on the call. We both said that there was no pressure no linkage. We know that the Ukrainians didn't even know aid was withheld or on hold at the time of the call and most importantly, the Ukrainians specifically presents Lindsey never took any official action to get the aid release. This is Jim Jordan scrambling to defend the President in the aftermath of the third public testimony this time from Allison U Crane Ambassador Maria Vacaville and right off the bat, Jordan completely screws himself and Trump and that his principal complaint is that this is yet another witness without firsthand knowledge who hadn't spoken with Trump or heard him. Speaking on any call only the problem of course, is that the very next witnesses to be interviewed by House investigators are firsthand witnesses just hours after you testified House. Senators privately interviewed David Homes, a State Department official in Kiev who himself overheard a conversation between Gordon Sunderland and Trump were in Trump was blatantly and exclusively interested in Giuliani's efforts to get you crane to open a probe into Biden. The very next public deposition is lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vin Man, who was on the call between Trump and Ukrainian President Zalenski and twice raised objections about what he heard after that is Timothy Morrison of Europe and Russia expert from the National Security Council. also on the call with Trump. And then Wednesday is Gordon Simmons himself who already told the House Intelligence Committee that he told the top you creating an official that they would have to make an announcement of an investigation into Joe Biden before the military aid would be released in other words. If the only possible reason the GOP has to discredit the testimonies, we've heard thus far is that they aren't first-hand accounts. Then all Republicans are doing is legitimizing These next witnesses whose testimonies are inevitably gonna corroborate what we've already heard now aside from Jim Jordan's initial excuse that. I have first-hand information. He also presents four brand new defenses. First Jordan says that there was no conditionality on the call between Trump and Zalenski. despite the fact that Trump asked for the favor of investigating Joe Biden knowing full well that aid was being withheld. You don't need to say outright. these are the conditions that must be met for the age to be released for there to be conditions for the aid to be released. Second. Jordan says that the two individuals on the call said there was no pressure linkage. One of course, was Donald Trump, who would try to convince you that water isn't wet. He could save himself and the other was the landscape and not withstanding the hostage situation that Selena was in by sitting next to Trump. when asked if there was any pressure. so let's feelings don't dictate the legal facts surrounding this case that aid was withheld while Trump and his team knowingly lobby for the announcement of investigation into Joe Biden. In other words, Zalenski doesn't get to decide what is and what isn't a crime based on the evidence in front of us. third Jordan claims that the Ukrainians didn't even know that aid was being withheld to be clear they were under attack by Russia. Was desperately needed if he's really trying to convince everyone that Ukraine didn't know that hundreds of millions of dollars of desperately needed assistance hadn't been delivered yet, then he must really think the American people are brain dead and beyond that. Ukrainian officials have already admitted that they knew the investigation is a Biden was a condition for the release of the aid. so clearly they knew that it was being held up and finally Jordan claims that Zalenski never took any action to get the aid released and that's a lie because he literally, said Indiana. the summary of the call that Trump himself released that he would have his new process. To comply with Trump's demands, the only reason that it was released before that could happen was that the whistleblower complaint was delivered to the House Intelligence Committee and the administration realized that he got caught in the Middle of an extortion scheme. so it released the aid the very next day and so per usual every single excuse brought forward by Republicans is a lie and look that's not to say that Jim Jordan and his band of Trump Loyalist performing for an audience of one won't immediately pivot to a new excuse because they will we've already been subjected to a barrage of. Baseless defenses from the right that gets swatted away as soon as they're announced. We've heard that the whistleblower is a partisan that you can't rely on second hand information that impeachment is unconstitutional that Adam shift personally counsel the whistle blower that Republicans aren't allowed to attend private depositions that the rules are rigged against the GOP. Every single day. We get a brand new excuse. That's so glaringly disingenuous. it can barely stand for 20 - four hours, and that's all because the GOP truly has no strategy. they're in such a dire Do is present whatever tenuous defenses they can cook up at that very moment. regardless of whether those same defenses will come back to screw them over only days later, this is about keeping their heads above water just long enough to get to tomorrow, which and I feel like this goes without saying you don't usually need to do when you're innocent.
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