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Video Transcript
General Bar said this week the President has never asked him to do anything in a criminal case, but mister Trump tweeted this doesn't mean that I do not have as President the legal right to do so I do, but I have so far chosen. not to what does the President think is his legal authority to intervene in criminal cases and to order who should be prosecuted and who should not be President say he's ordering who should be prosecution say he did. I'm saying what does he think it provides our President? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, including President Trump. Vast powers and the President is making the point and the attorney General Bill Barr, is backing him up on this that he has not interfered in any criminal case. I know people who are trying to bully Bill Bar out of his job like Elizabeth Warren, Steve Cohen, the the congressman who put a bucket of chicken to get involved in criminal. The President has under article the President could weigh in, but you see how the President weighs in the President weighs into the whole world. He didn't have a conversation with Bill Barr about the Roger Stone case he had a conversation with the whole world. Listen to what Barr said in that interview with ABC here he is if he were to say you know, go investigate somebody because it and you sense. It's because their political opponent. then Internet general shouldn't carry that wouldn't carry that out since Watergate. presidents have generally perhaps not always, but generally stayed away from involvement in criminal investigations will mister Trump going forward Respect bars request. Him to stop commenting on current cases, whether it's whether it's in terms of on the air, you know public statements or tweets well, couple of things very different to pick up the phone and ask your attorney general to do something in a criminal case. The President hasn't done that he had. he said He hasn't done it. Barr said he hasn't done it. He hasn't done it. That's incredible are making it impossible to do and let me say something. It's not correct to say that presidents have not interfered in Bill Clinton pardoned a relative he pardoned somebody refused to testify against him. Niggas that's involving yourself in criminal. It's different. It's after the criminal process has been completed and clearly the President Obama spoke up in the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore, President George Herbert Walker Bush Bush, 40 - one I think commented on the case in La probably the Rodney King case. so it's not it's disingenuous to say that people the presidents don't comment on criminal matters. What is most important here. Two things one is the President United States has not asked or directed his attorney general privately to Criminal matter, including Roger Stone number two, he works hand in glove with the attorney General as we all are privileged to do on any number of matters that affect this country. This is Kelly Ann trying to run cover for Trump after one of the more obvious assaults on the rule of law, which for Donald Trump is quite the accomplishment. The quick background is that Bill Barr is DOJ made a sentencing recommendation for Trump's former adviser Roger Stone of seven to nine years. and then that night, Trump tweeted. This is a horrible and very unfair situation. The real crimes were on the other side as nothing. To them, Cannot allow this miscarriage of Justice and the very next morning. The DOJ led by Bill Barr suddenly reversed it sentencing recommendation to three to four years effectively having their previous request and in case bar would have you think that this was a totally normal request unrelated to the Trump Tweet only hours earlier, consider the fact that all four prosecutors working on the case immediately quit with one assistant US attorney even leaving the government altogether. And of course, now we. Kelly Ann Conway sent in to defend Trump by blaming everyone else even going so far as to point to George HW Bush as a way to absolve this President today in 2020 for interfering in an ongoing case involving his own former adviser, who's being charged on seven felony counts, including lying to investigators and witness tampering. She says that Bill Clinton issued a pardon which Chris Wallace rightly pointed out, wasn't interfering in an ongoing criminal case. She then said that Obama spoke. In the Freddie Gray case, which again wasn't interfering with regards to that case, Obama said it was quote absolutely vital that the truth comes out talk about a controversial take and then Obama expressly declined to comment on the legal process because he wanted to allow the judicial proceedings play out first saying only that it's critical for quote all the evidence to be presented in the case. So if you're Kelly Ann Conway and you can't tell the difference between the President, expressing his hope that the truth comes out in a case and the President saying that the sentencing. From his own DOJ is a miscarriage of Justice, which is immediately followed by that same recommendation being cut in half only hours later than you either aren't fit to advise anyone or this is a clinic in gas lighting. although Indiana this particular instance, I feel like both are valid Kelly and even tries to defend Trump by saying that he hasn't picked up the phone and ask Bill Barr to do something in the Roger Stone case. Only he didn't need to. he tweeted the implicit directions out to 70 - two million followers This is a horrible and very unfair situation. Cannot allow this miscarriage of Justice. What's the point of a phone call so that you can tell Bill Bar. This is a horrible and very unfair situation. We cannot allow this miscarriage of Justice, Kelly and even tries to hedge this behavior by admitting that Trump's tweet was quote a conversation with the whole world, but it doesn't matter who comprise the entire audience. What matters is that the intended recipient among the whole world was the attorney general. If you invite other people to witness a crime, it doesn't make it less of a crime. It just means you are stupid. Invite other people because again as I've said a thousand times before just because you do something out in the open doesn't make it okay. It just makes the misconduct brazen. That's it, but the best part has to be Kelly Ann claiming that Bill Barr is being bullied out of his job because Bill Barr is the victim here, the guy destroying the Department of Justice by cow Towing to a President with nothing but the stain for the rule of law, the guy who held a press conference that grossly misconstrued with the Mueller report, said with a summary stating the. Opposite of Robert Mueller's findings the guy who lied about the findings of the Inspector General report, saying the Inspector General's report now makes clear that the Fbi launched an intrusive investigation of a US presidential campaign on the thinnest of suspicions that in my view were insufficient adjusted by the steps taken when in reality, it was once again the literal opposite in that the inspector General's report, quote found no documentary or testimonial evidence that political bias or improper motivations influenced the Fbi investigation. The guy who. To Italy to try and gather information to undermine the Mueller investigation completed under the jurisdiction of his own Department, all because the results of that probe made Trump look bad and the guy who just days ago announced that he'll open a direct channel to people like Rudy Giuliani, who just so happened to be out in places like Ukraine gathering dirt on Trump's political opponents. Graham says that Giuliani will be providing the Department information on Ukraine and the Bidens. What is the process? Will receiving this information who evaluated and is this something that you feel you need to recuse yourself from. As I previously said the the the DOJ has the obligation to have an open door to anybody. who wishes to provide us information that that they think is relevant. We had established an intake process in the field. so that in the information coming in about Ukraine could be carefully scrutinized by the Department and it's intelligence community community partners. so that we could assess its Providence and its credibility and you know that is true for all information that comes to the Department relating to the Ukraine, including anything mister Juliani might provide in other words if Bill Barr is being quote bullied is because he's proven time and time again that he's only interested in helping Donald Trump pervert the Department. he's tasked with overseeing for his own personal political errands. So Kelly Ann Conway can try and claim that people like Bill Bar the victims. she can try and lean into this revisionist history. But the actual victims are the American people who. Forced to watch as a criminal cabal parading as a presidential administration uses our tax dollars to exact revenge on their political opponents. While the rest of their party is to collectively scared of a mean tweet to speak up, Trump and Barr aren't the victims here. They are the criminals.
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