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Video Transcript
It wasn't just the optics of the President signing this deal with China and phase one and talking trade, and I mean there was a long lead up. He had guests in the in the White House that he wanted to recognize. I mean some of the best known names in the American economy right now in terms of corporations so on and so forth, but it was that moment where he signed and Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker was reading the seven managers that will take over the articles of impeachment carry them over with those representatives from the House as. As well, Five PM Eastern Today we'll cover it live here on Fox. Those two moments were were on the screen at the same time Chris. In fact, the The signing ceremony seem to go on for an unusually long period of time and I was wondering whether someone was and this is just in my head. I'd die. they have no reason to believe it was true was sort of hoping that he would outlast the the the Speaker Pelosi speech so he could continue and may. We would switch back full screen to his signing ceremony and the official business of his administration. to kinda put an end stop a full stop on on what the House is doing now if you've seen or read about Trump signing ceremony for quote phase one of his China deal to offset damage that he himself created with his own trade war. you'd understand why Chris Wallace is suggesting that Trump was purposefully prolonging his speech and by prolonging, I mean it was a rambling stream of consciousness diatribe that. First year med student would tell you probably isn't the strongest display of mental fitness, a highway which would have taken 19 to 20 years to get approval. We have it down to two and we wanna get it down to one and if it doesn't work, we're gonna say you know build it, but you're not gonna wait 20 - two years to find out you can't build the highway much better golfer than people would understand he likes golf and he's got a hell of a football team. How did they do this year? Alright They're gonna be back, but she said you think we can get fireworks back at Mount Rushmore Special Great wife to his wife actually supported me long before him, but he thinks I don't know that he made call me chunk during the hair, he said. Did you leak anything to the press? Don't wait call me choke like a dog and he was being nice when he said. You don't hear complaints about the VA anymore. Do you notice. We still have to win to get medals? Alright. We can't give medals If we don't win. I signed things in the next night. I see him on eBay that sold so for a lot of money, I said. Second I. Would you sign my sneaker? Yes, then two nights later, I see it on eBay selling for $5000. Now, the only reason I'd ever give Trump the benefit of the doubt here is that most of his speeches. these days are just an onslaught of complaints about light bulbs about dead birds under windmills about toilets that don't flush and washing machines that don't work about how he likes the old iPhones with the buttons better than facial recognition about saying Merry Christmas in Department stores and liberals wanting to do away with Thanksgiving. His speeches are just the culmination of years of Fox News fear mongering all mashed together in some incoherent tirade meant to leave people afraid of everyone and everything it is the epitome of. Politics of fear and it is the only reason that the Republican party can ever manage to win and yet still, despite all of that, we know that above all else, Trump values ratings he wants airtime. Nothing infuriates me more than losing eyeballs to anyone else and so armed with that knowledge suddenly the prospect of him artificially prolonging his self congratulatory speech about the first step of his China deal. It doesn't seem all that improbable. It's either that or the President of the United States truly believe that talking about his sign. Selling for $5000 on eBay was just that important, but because on the other side of that split screen was Nancy Pelosi naming the impeachment managers and preparing to deliver the articles of impeachment to the Senate. The stakes were that much higher because what this means is that despite last ditch Republican efforts to pretend that Trump technically wasn't impeached because the articles had yet been delivered that he now officially is and this is a black Mark that will follow him for not only the rest of his life, but forever in American history. Donald Trump is officially. Third President of the United States to be impeached. the other point lending itself to the idea that Trump would be driven solely by his ego is that his entire impeachment is the result of it. He was so desperate to win in the next election that he waited not even 20 - four hours before Robert Mueller was done testifying about his last efforts to coordinate with the farm power to interfere in the election before his infamous phone call with Ukrainian President Zalenski where he conspired to do it again, he so can't bear the prospect of not winning that he'd In an international extortion scheme that you would rather use nearly 400 million dollars of desperately needed funds that Congress had already allocated to you Crane while they were at war with Russia has leverage for some dirt using a political campaign ad that he would rather send Juliani into Eastern Europe to act as a shadow state Department and defame and even threatened hardworking foreign service officers like Maria Bannon offer some cheap political points is a testament to just how fragile his ego is, and that's because deep. He knows he can't win on the merits. He knows his policies are unpopular. His approval ratings are the lowest of any President in modern American history that he's the laughing stock of the international community and the greatest threat to democracy that the United States has ever known. He saw the results of 2018 and got spooked and then he saw the results of 2019 and got even more spooked. And so what we're left with is a small small man backed into a corner who sees the writing on the Wall and is desperate to steal away whatever precious minutes of airtime. Not realizing that his confused rant about golf and James Comey and fireworks is per usual, doing him more harm than good.
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