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On 21 August 1992, over 200 non-Serb civilians were loaded on to two buses and taken to Korićanske stijene, near Mount Vlašić. The men from one bus were ordered off the bus, escorted to the side of the road above a deep ravine, told to kneel, and then shot and killed by Serb police forces. The men from the other bus were taken off in smaller groups of two or three and shot and killed. There were only 12 survivors from the massacre. In March 2004, Darko Mrđa, who pleaded guilty to this crime, was convicted to 17 years of imprisonment. Besides Mrđa, the murder at Korićanske stijene was also part of the indictments against Radoslav Brđanin and Milomir Stakić. For more information on crimes committed in Korićanske stijene, see ICTY Outreach's documentary "Crimes before the ICTY: Prijedor":
Today marks the anniversary of the closure of the Omarska detention camp, which was situated near Prijedor, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Omarska was in operation for almost three months, during which over 3,000 detainees passed through the camp. In early August 1992, international journalists gained access to the camp. Their reports were broadcast globally, spurring the international community to react, and in part contributing to the establishment of the ICTY. The journalists' reports revealed the appalling, inhumane conditions in which the detainees in Omarska were being held. The Tribunal has established that many crimes were committed against these detainees, who were severely mistreated and subjected to beatings, rape, sexual assaults, torture, executions and psychological abuse. The Tribunal has indicted 25 individuals for crimes committed within the Prijedor municipality, including the accused in the cases of Kvočka et al.and Mejakić et al. For more information on crimes committed in Omarska camp, see ICTY Outreach's documentary "Crimes before the ICTY: Prijedor": #dontforget #prijedor #trnopolje #keraterm #omarska
This short video traces the final days as Srebrenica fell to the forces of the army of the Republika Srpska in July of 1995 and the atrocities and genocide that followed. #Srebrenica #Srebrenica2015