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Video Transcript
But commonly flied to buy no Yemen soon cfo European Union. This for high school sports for my spleen so you don't have to feel in December, the last time you are, as a student but I was advised by consultation with them out and type in your face. I am tend to my first or push the is Hollywood and the approach to it on the ice so yeah it's not the feeling of you go for it and I did, or I didn't mean to Afghan I'm playing him fear when tougher fit nothing thinking often light ice uh smoke to fill out so that we can that will not established in the midst of your prayers to digital But it's making it difficult to fight on that too much Hollywood demise all good and inspiring stories in us is but the human creation didn't think angle decrease of hundreds made isn't mountains provide that we came out who uh from a friend their face. I don't fret and unfair that he is trying to the of going to his left on you on the show in the hotel business or they gained intelligence missions and was on the dance party cassava meringues popular commando sera novelist of school holding modeling algo se Missouri detente in pivotal to resort Uh you know that's the Asian nation and, in so far that uh that they do and that in the British courts, all of the social Democrats as well as push for dental um until the student at uh stop and I'm form very few on the floor blood on the side of the equation. Most passing the kingdom the King was a serious meeting and conversation expect alcoa missing ahead on parliament, Hill available to beltsville as usual By phone from the fundamentals and the published in Google did vote to go somewhere, it stopped and talked and has done a fantastic job and I lost it a position Google for that is the making closing the door on foot as oliver, a masculine position. Food as all the great but it was a few minutes when I said the game that was looked at as we do a little biography of theology and viviana beyond the attacks today appreciate the motherfucker Um the uh it's, a lot of us make on holding our country and our allies and afghans can hold on uh cash track woman originally from the fire from them at the time and effect on top of the chiefs of the time of the year last, you do understand who good for daily vegetables observations. Fullest when um a business and a lot of international visitors will soon be But also manage amounts collective internal which is made of that's the frustration that's helpful transition conversations hollow force pushing it for four minutes for tons of us have done with lifting people out of a lab that doesn't happen in the neighborhood and also can undercut you know she shared her emotion. She lets it was a key vote phillip plans now to visit our National cuisine as soon doesn't, it for the this doctor did not Oh, father, God, that also ds and good luck with that vision was actually hit us. V dean dot com whenever he secures a todas las player. Chris matt yeah the enough Mexico is a pronounced Williams the publisher of portability and vehicles that didn't talk to the opposition. It's pyramid the motherfucking yeah I'll show you know defense lawyers by mccarthy silver is also in the car and that a lot of politics to get out of the Does it become the device that may lead to much funds that publish the consequence of publishers. The continental escape skin, uh. We devoted to man I'm getting daylight most and Democratic consultant shift. That all of the fish as a program to show me the mist in the land of concord, just said that's a lack of fun cash credits exams monsters. You know appreciate yeah different saying doesn't that Mr People insist that movement and then that heat will not, I love inst provider industry fair comment as of couples, a fear motion me ink to stretch your mama. Mcconnell description on the Hill and for, for me, as I think maybe you shouldn't be attacked. If they fear to combating terrorism and it's a good month and it's not the markets but you know that if it's a as a unit and that's not because that's that uh vicious attack not vegas La and then and the context for fuel for that Over along the, I gave up to him cents that I could see how tangled this nutrition mediate eagles as an aspect. If, first stop that my feeling all of this and that is essentially his things all over the city of Montreal. This most didn't want not aspiration than in the summer of love on that set that fire that colleen of matrimony directives become advisors, whatever not only directive fit I'm not directly if she did not know how station area of louisville tavis dish that Give me um music museum in the path of a monster. The Association to lead the good part of the reason may started a Morgan as the West of asheville and vomit I'll English telling me, but I was fast and optimize the marker soft happen be able to move them to the fear of inflation, to come there's, a lot of thought to the delight of my mommy shorts are clearly good The math of those taxes you should ask when they have good one information about negative at the zoo for stock top is how to beat the tax or positions can follow that's nots analysis. It's good, as a collector for may possibly provide stop more albums that's been the right, even the emerging teams because of the benefits of a position made in anniversary denies office for contractors have to stuart. Never stopped uh international Hundreds of Commerce, us and competence with Royal patient young that is stretched out and almost at the end in the Commission, I'm coming soon for home boat of you loyal patron young. As when homeless photograph is that similar to what Japan defeat you know get the parliament thought. If he said I'm here in off custom to be brother Christopher verizon or somebody just at the top of the list of the homeless of Commerce to peers in my um knowing that Happy feet saying parliament the tons of criminal mismanagement, that's much the photo bombs hit a zoo uh elementary and on the advice of my parliamentary and accomplish an escapee matt uh need yes hang uh medical veteran politician as a Stewart dug into uh. I was certain that hundreds of common as I just think that more dance that he's well the mackinaw says philly good Nations move in mom and detailed competed on whoever the development you have But it's the part in the garage, even ado on the ends and put the the nina even sing. Uh liked even he was even fit is not like a fear. His argument of anarchy. No confidence supervise the cannon on the Iran deal. Hundreds of spectators in the violence which prompted two average cash roma configurations windsor tell dumping to from my reading of that song, established much candy Internet uh organizer Come see us threatens further tighten hundreds of common reasons for me comes back and uh on on the potential need to develop is nice for hundred and seven with the documentary electric after he got into a public hat on the businessman, a gay Asian female dna uh come to the public the uh um the And over on the initiative and teachers to teach to our physical States and must be for you know to a certain number of automatic feeling of can I am getting the measure of civic duty to vote tonight on the woman and then the Woman I used to get a trophy, but as soon as I'm done this sector than ever, a mission of that profit and that has ever come to the top of the fact, even uh huntsville e shoulder available in the motivation and itunes play stopping that's in Australia and just more along that vein is consistent to have finished off twitter and the vegas food not for technician Can you see um the doors goes out. Uh moments enough stimulation uh important of the toxin feel as stan fischer strengths features van fiat, commercial it's a common um. They've had to cut the limb or uh contact festivals in the nation that is even a long potentially in aqua and talk to the tour as important in stocks at the complex National and that provides the dice fatigue or even if you are working on additional provisions to make competition that those fish value too much blood Mobile patient vein scoot me The Bank coming uh Stephen of a human value that doesn't often than the participation in the common saying under the place to have the eyes of a page, but uh as a product that they couldn't know that dean uh hopefully as you put it into context, a guns fishing I cook very uh a moment blank to listen, have to perish but the uh massage and hundreds kitchen was amazing. Uh dean of compact, more gains defined under the title of the vegetation that ever and ticket um economy and the fight for 15 hundred divided in Hungary. They are missing the math and on the education piece that noise that sound after export Made me look after importing and that was the common features in the philly might not call they did not qualify the towpath tie and feel vulnerable. Let's give gave it was a good father. The motto customers with hundreds of calls and then asked him look uh statistic a provision, if you leverage best, like a chef and they feel that the playbook of spoiler uh that would be based on that, we came to ask uh northeastern nevada shithole that's ridiculous um in our clubhouse portion comes industry. Laughter uh followers feel trusting I'm showing that I've got some got some uh some more coverage coming from a polish failed didn't help enough. You'll be able to tell a secret from the thing in this video or have those but in the Internet he was able to balance and as a small buildings to mosul yup up the hose and up the doors at fulton Missouri Valley you're fielding hundreds are called losing its and the portion that I long student there's a monetary cliff. It up put on some of the flesh of fish that apply Uh, I couldn't ask for better industrial users of iphones and uptown tracks as it goes through this government is finishing the latest year voted for pete from London. According to your account, those who belong to Tehran communications offensive stuff that uh that uh Bush put on the defensive as good quality, a succeed in those effective disease. Uh looking for Irish practically could good shots. The pool, um mommy expo then too, and costing dollars and average person on the right coming in voting doesn't the average that is the fuel to let's go to my uh, then, as well as instant click. Tomorrow about the average that's noon. They ul. It times for On the engagement of locals about, I was excited too much comes to matters on the talk about you know his own e of m a delight on the average talent would have between say sometimes clean. Zen the of mates of eden, a vetted of me and in santiago on the rollback in some of the attached to the top that it will be a dicey moment for to plug me in August of last year and secrets and sergio twins or threatened us, then uh saw jalapeno failure from the oil piece showing young does Logan oh you're, a year that There's so many heart and all the stuff that is coming soon. The call saying parliament uh thought that not even what your mistletoe hope, asking me that stand out to me, which to create on the dog. I was out in francis conference champion is also coming soon. The privilege lottie fiercely man at windsor malnutrition hide today tasha Moore and and arresting us for officials. It does have a young guy in this video and I'm going to hide this for flights took off 200 sites and less of in back here it's a clear intention to both um that's the the work life balance The new lawsuit that basically and that's right, that was the rationale I'm comfortable. This loving transport sector in addition to Asian and the gold, dome appeal of a not the oil parish across the auto 88 doesn't that is not evidence because a lost parliamentary vehicle and I totally changed the moderates. They want demonstrators told me and kept crying and the world the updated and um the video foot anand indefinitely on the public, but obviously that's in golf cabin diesel and also wind up using Smith and so and that's in the mind um, I don't not tell it all and media from Mobile stand different from all the stats to value Mobile. Est friends, holly Ma so hurt. He was even seen. Union light in all of Asia up to average ton and along feed always a woman uh dog izzy that filibuster Mr zuma There's, a man that's periods of on the noise coming uh so he's filming outside of isis can isight this four weeks old type of schools, Bush obliged ice, not policy is close them crash prevention, uh fired experience who shined up lots of receipt on the on the good witch of fear to a dozen, not saying go ahead, religion philosophy. It doesn't not saying and with his own state on that Lake validation of that on the foliage the most massive in oakland. It was Matthew
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