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Facebook Pay checkout helps businesses increase sales conversions
Facebook Pay button has a smooth checkout, helping businesses increase sales conversions / orders

With Meta Pay, we’ve made it easy and secure for people to make payments on Facebook, and now we're extending this capability to your business website.

Meta Pay is easy to set up, provides a fast, frictionless payment experience and handles payment data securely. Best of all, it’s available at no additional cost.

Offer your customers more choice and convenience — giving them a smoother checkout experience, and helping you increase your sales conversions.

Facebook Pay button supports businesses by integrating with their existing payment processor and ecommerce platform

Easy Setup

Meta Pay integrates with payment processors and ecommerce platforms so there is little for you to do

Fast Checkout

Help increase sales conversions as customers speed through checkout

  • Low friction experience with no login required when customers are signed into Facebook1

  • Customers speed through checkout with their stored credentials

Secure Payments

Meta Pay uses encryption to safely and securely store payment card numbers, removing the need for you to manage that data

No Cost

Meta Pay is offered at no additional cost to you

  • [1] Customers can choose to add PIN or biometric authentication to confirm their purchases

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Meta Pay?

Meta Pay is a seamless and secure way to pay online and across Meta technologies. It can be used to make purchases, send money or donate. Fast checkout, easy setup and convenient access are some of the benefits of accepting Meta Pay.

Is Meta Pay available to all businesses?

Meta Pay is available to businesses through Facebook Shops and Marketplace. Outside of Meta technologies, Meta Pay is available to US based Shopify businesses. Please sign up if you are interested in accepting Meta Pay and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on product updates and availability.

What are the costs to businesses for accepting Meta Pay?

There is no additional cost to businesses for accepting Meta Pay. Customers will also not be charged for using Meta Pay. Meta Pay, similar to other payment methods, will be managed by your existing payment processor.

What payment methods are available to customers when they checkout on a business website with the Meta Pay button?

Customers can load their preferred credit or debit card to Meta Pay. Additional payment methods will be added over time.

How is payment information stored and protected with Meta Pay?

Meta Pay uses encryption to safely and securely store people’s payment card numbers.

How will Facebook use Meta Pay data from the Meta Pay button?

When people use Meta Pay, Meta collects information about the purchase such as the transaction date, billing, shipping and contact details to use for purposes such as to process a payment, to protect against loss, and for legal compliance. Payment card numbers that people provide will not be used to personalize their experience or inform the ads they see. And, people’s activity, like payments or purchases will not be shared with their friends or to their profile or feed, unless they choose to share it themselves. To learn more about our commitments to protecting user privacy, read this Privacy Matters post.

What data will businesses receive when a customer checks out with Meta Pay?

Businesses will receive information needed to support the transaction, including customer contact, shipping and order information. For your protection, the business won't be able to see your debit or credit card number.