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Good morning everyone welcome to Sydney Sydney when when the. the the the Ruby Ruby Ruby Princess Princess. Princess Princess Sato Sato Sato Sydney for the first first time time last last last year, year, year, The The The she she she she was. was was was created created created with with with. with fireworks fireworks and celebrations. celebrations. It's It's. It's the the love love boat. boat. boat. boat. Everybody Everybody Everybody wants wants wants to to to go go. go on on the the love love boat. boat. The thing we love about it is that it's a really easy way of seeing the world. The Ruy checked all the boxes for us. Lovely Tina with all my friends love drinks, Cheers to us. Now, the Ruby Princess is famous for all the wrong reasons the sheep has become the largest single source of covid-. 19 infections in Australia, and I put the dollar first and I never put our our safety safety first first. first. Absolutely absolutely a. Absolutely a a Poland what. Poland. What they've done? A special Commission of Inquiry is examining how hundreds of infected passengers were allowed to leave the sheep spreading the virus around the country and the world. everybody on the ship wants to know the truth. How many of us are infected how many people have died. died. We We thought thought we we we were. were were were gonna gonna gonna go go. go go into into into the problem. We didn't didn't realize realize we we were were were gonna gonna gonna be be be the the the the problem. problem. problem. problem problem. There there. There There were were were lots lots lots of of of unanswered questions questions was was was the the the criminal criminal criminal negligence negligence negligence negligence. in in in in relation. relation relation relation to to to the way that this matter was handled that contributed to the death. Of any of those people, the company was well aware of the risks Only five weeks earlier, a sister ship the Diamond Princess had been crippled with Covid- 19, so that's basically our living space with a quarantine and it could be anywhere. You know you're hiding from something you don't know where do you hide? So yeah I'm sorry. The Australian authority should have been put on noses that cruise ships coming in with potentially going to be sources of the virus and the steps needed to be taken Tonight on four corners, we investigate how this public health disaster was ever allowed to happen. We look at the role played by Australian authorities and how the Multi-billion dollar cruise industry failed to protect passengers and crew in a global pandemic. The disaster that struck Princess cruise ships began in January when the Diamond Princess set sail from Tokyo Bay. Suzanne Da Silva and her family were among the thousands of passengers looking forward to a carefree holiday. I like the entertainment on the ship. I like the fact that you don't have to think about where to go for your next meal. It's just there so you don't have to plan you can just go with the flow take part in a lot of activities or relax. It was the third crores for the ten family they were worried about the growing spread of RSS outside China from the moment we got on to the ship there were were notices notices in in our our cabin cabin cabin as as well well as as constant reminder every time time we we got got teach teach port port that that that they they heard heard of a new virus out there there ah ah you you know know called called the the the Nobel Nobel I think at that point but but we we were were in in to to worry worry worry about about about it it still still seems so far away We at Carnival believe fun is a choice. Carnival Cruise Corporation is the world's largest cruise conglomerate with nine brands and over 100 shapes, including the Princess plate at Princess Cruises, bringing people together has been our legacy for over 50 years and we'll continue to be so you can focus on what matters most. The global cruise industry is massive. It's worth US 130 billion dollars and employs one point two million people around the world, so it is a big player in the world of travel and the corporations a massive. Carnival's headquarters are in Miami, but the company is incorporated in Panama. As a result, it comes under Panamanian corporate law, which means it pays no corporate income tax in any other country. I mean the cruise lines are quite adept in earning money and they've got to be admired for that think the issue becomes how do you balance money-making with social responsibility? Most cruise ships fly under what's known as flags of convenience. There are a number of countries like Panama Liberia, the Marshall Islands. they do have a large number of ships that are registered to them and they are populous States to register with because generally the viewers that they do not necessarily enforce the same levels of standards required internationally in terms of the conditions on board, a particular ship a Dodge regulations. so they've got minimum regulation and in fact it falls to the absolute minimum regulation under the Maritime Labor Convention. In late January, the Diamond Princess was five days into its cruise when it sailed into Hong Kong Harbor on the 20 -fifth We adopted hong-kong and that's when Iran mom and dad and I was trying to them and that's when dad said to me, he said. Look this virus going around and we're watching it on the news and you know I think you guys need to be really careful and at that point, I said to that, I said no, I said, you know that the ship you know they would be they would know and if it was so serious, they wouldn't be taking us to these spots while the ship was. An eight year old passenger left the cruise guy saying something days later he was taken to hospital and tested positive for virus the Hong Kong health department moved quickly to notify the ships local agent we then turned around and since we male to the ship notifying notifying them them of the And advising them to the necessary cleaning up. they did not respond The email went out around 1015 in the evening. I went to the director of Customer service and the administration officer that night, we did not get a response, not only that we also contacted the Princess headquarters for Asia in in Australia the following day. so I'm not sure we could have done much more. Passengers were told about the positive test for more than 36 hours. They waited a couple of days before they told the passengers I don't know maybe they were hoping it would go away, but obviously it didn't and of course lead to tragic consequences, leading to, of course, the first Australian to die Alco in this country was a passenger on board that ship. As the diamond Princess towards Japan, the captain broke the news. Please be advised that the hong-kong President tested positive for Corona's on February first TD and not report any evenings to the ship's medical Center during the voyage. The situation is under control and the for the reasons for concerns. As passengers enjoy dinner that evening, they had no idea the virus was already silently spreading amongst them. They didn't limit us to our rooms or Kevin's at that point. So for I guess almost a full day, we were still able to walk around freely and no head off to the buffet do some activities We even had our shows on the night before quarantine started. There's so many people on the ship, you know like you're sitting together, you're having your meals. you're having your dinner. You got the weights You've you know at the bar that night, the Dail celebrated a family birthday. They had no reason to think they were in danger on 123. Okay from the We didn't realize it was gonna hit us in a few hours. The Diamond Princess docked yoga home in the next morning. Japanese officials boarded to screen passengers the port refused to allow the ship to offload its passengers, which made perfect sense because as any country they were protecting the health and the welfare of their own of their own people. Passengers waited to learn when they could disembark. And just like everyone was lost, so it was from a beautiful body board and having a lot of fun to just people just sitting there very very worried and you could just tell that the whole mood was completely changed. And then the announcement came that you know the ship is gonna be quarantine 40 days because they found the passenger that had Corona virus on the ship, and that was that was it. Tonight Cruise Ship nightmare as an outbreak hits the ship with thousands on board. This is our area so Pss kids are busy with their homework and doing some puzzles on our 10. her husband and two teenagers were isolated in a small windowless cabin, so that's basically our living space with a quarantine. The captain delivered the Blake News of the growing number of infections are today The an additional 41 of this is coro buyers nationality breakdown of these 41 cases Hess fours 105 months Australians Five Canadians, 20 - one Japanese one British. I've been that out. Everyone's just walking the decks, not the planks. The Japanese Ministry of Health was in charge of the quarantine process. I don't think there was any strategy. I think the team was to contain everybody, including a passengers and crews inside of the ship and does not allow them to be outside and ask them to be in a single room but the most passengers were allowed to go outside one or two. Times a day for the exercise infection control specialists professor Kenta Iwata was so horrified by what he saw when he went on board. He posted this video. Have a so scared I was so scared of getting covid- 19, because there was no way to tell where the virus is no Green zone. No Red zone everywhere have virus and everybody was not careful about it. Below deck, the galley crew had to keep working to feed guests. These crew members put on a brave face, ensuring the outside world. they were okay, but some of their colleagues were becoming sick even though the matty of the passages had infections before the beginning of the keine later after the starting of the spread of the disease occur within a cruise and that's not surprising because they are not isolated, then subsequently the the crews crews crews began began began to to to to spread. spread spread spread the the the the disease disease disease disease. to to to the the the other other other passages passages and and that that resulted resulted in. in the infection. Ah ah became symptomatic after the impact to Japan and as a places Fear was spreading throughout the shape. Because you know you're close, you're breathing in this air. the food is coming open. It could be anyway. You know you're hiding from something you don't know and where do you hide? So? yeah sorry. Four days into contain Suzanne's twenty-one year old daughter Priyanka became on well she was really bail and really frightened you just pretty much shaking in the she like tested positive along with her mom and dad and they were taken off the shape It was just dead quiet, even though there was a lot of activity, there was a lot of ambulances still there, but it was like it was like a It was so quiet very easy. As the core detained dragged on the company worked hard to keep passengers positive. We'll have quiz of the day. We're also going to teach you some napkin folding. Your social media posts been hanging in there, Diamond Princess and keep sharing your positive energy. But positive energy wasn't enough to stop the spread of the virus. The Australian government decided it wasn't safe to leave citizenss on board any longer and dispatched a medical team to rescue them. I think the thing that was really startling to me when we actually got to the dock side was how big they are. This was an enormous ship. It was you know dominating dominating the the dock dock dock and and and I I I think think think it it it it was was was was. 18 18 18 18. stories stories stories high so so it's it's quite quite formidable formidable formidable when when when you you you first first. first see see it. it. Allison Mcneil. Was the head on the mission. Some of the lovely people we met and talked to through the doorway of that happens, there had been in some of those cabins for an extremely long period of time, and some of them didn't have any access to the outside. at all, I had the inside cabins, which I imagine has been incredibly difficult for them to to cope with. We walk through the corridors. we knew what cabins everyone was in, so we just worked our way methodically to cabin so we could access our passengers and make sure they're fit to travel and that they knew exactly what was gonna happen later that day throughout the day, more and more test results came through and we were not able to take anyone with us who have tested positive. We had been visited by the Osman Osman team. team. You You know know we we we did did did a a a little little. little little survey survey survey survey and. and and and they they they did did did our our all. testing testing. for us which. A temperature check in to make sure that we're all fine to get on board plane and we were pushing our luggage out when we got the call that my daughter had tested positive for the virus. In short, I think the operation at the time of Princess was a failure they allow the spread of the disease inside the cruise ship and they were not be mindful. the fact fact about about the the fact fact that that the the many. many passengers'. People who are susceptible to have severe diseases. There have been more than 700 confirmed cases of 19 on the Diamond Princess, at least 13 people are dead. We've learned a lot from the world's top experts and have stepped up our health protocols even more, the company's chief medical officer assured future passengers they'd be kept safe. Carnival was determined to keep cruising these additional steps partnered with everybody doing their part to care for their own personal health will enhance the cruising experience so it continues to be an exceptional and safe way to travel and see the world I think. On a cruise after all this happened and continuing running the ships when all this was going on was crazy, but I think what was really important with the Diamond Princess case was that it should have been the clarion call to countries dealing with cruise ships generally because it was the largest number of cases outside of mainland China in February, so it should have become abundantly clear that particular point in time, the cruise ships were going to be both a source. Transmitting the disease as well as hubs for the disease as well. It wasn't long before another carnival ship was hit with Corona virus off the Coast of California, a cruise ship that's been linked to a Corona virus death in the US remains stranded at Sea in early March 21. People tested positive on board the Grand Princess, the Grand Princess has been refused permission to be at any point until it's cleared of the virus. The State Department in the meantime is is warning warning Americans Americans Americans against against against against traveling traveling traveling. traveling on on on cruise cruise cruise cruise ships, ships, ships, particularly for people with with underlying underlying health health conditions. conditions. The Australian authorities should have. Put on notice as any other Port Authority that particular time that cruise ships coming in were potentially going to be sources of the virus and so that steps would need to be taken to manage those particular cases. Early March Corona virus was spreading unchecked around the world and a new horror was about to unfold The Ruby Princess was heading to Sydney after a two -week cruise around New-zealand. Ross Torres was among those on board The Corona virus was on everybody's minds. Everyone was talking about it. I think as the crew went on and there was more news about Cove 19, I think there was a scene. Anxiety on board we've seen that my husband and I were very careful. we didn't go to the buffet to eat. We always had dinner in the main dining room and we were in a separate area called club class, which is for people with sweets on the show, and I think that yeah, there was definitely a sense of of anxiety. Ass' the crew went on and more news was coming out about the Corona virus and the. Diamonds Under the new Corona virus, rules, passengers and crew with respiratory symptoms or fever were asked to come forward before the ship docked as the crew went on and they made the announcement that the New South Wales health authorities would not be leading us off when we do and that they would be coming on board and seeing people that were well. When health officials boarded the ship, they found more than 366 passengers and crew awaiting assessment. Nine of them were swapped for over 19, But despite the risks posed by the virus, The Ruby Princess was already preparing for its next cruise. Judas set sail in a matter of hours. there were three people just scrubbing out. Kevin just really going fresh. It was the smell of the disinfectant was absolutely incredible. We can see the the of person. On the Wall, flashing to get on Tracey Temple was at the terminal with her mom waiting to board the next Ruby Princess cruise. They wondered why there was a delay gossip was going around that site passengers headband tested for flu-like symptoms and I would just waiting for the results to come back and that New South Wales Health quarantine the ship and that that they they were were were few few few few negating negating negating. negating. negating. I I panicked. panicked and. And try to find somebody from the cruise ship, I found a lady in a White uniform, and I said to her, I would like to ask you a question. I am a kidney and pancreas transplant patient. I want to know if it's safe for myself and my mother to get on to this cruise And she said that the cruise ship would not let one passenger let alone all passengers. They put it at risk if there wasn't. Toh Waiting to get on to the bus, I don't know what time we're gonna get on. so I thought I'd take a video. There was a long line about two blocks long and I'm thinking what is up, so I thought well, at least the ship will be clean. What passengers didn't know was that boarding was delayed while new South's health awaited the results of the covid- 19 swabs, the tests came back negative. The Ruby Princess was cleared to leave all the passengers that we've talked to and we've spoken to hundreds now tell a similar tale of essentially failures and BS. you know they bought a ticket to go on a leisurely cruise they were never. Stage told about the risks that they would potentially contracted a deadly virus on board. The Ruby Princess sailed out late on the night of the eighth of March this in the Park and we're just waiting and it's five to 11. Yeah. Passengers enjoying their first night on the ship had no cling of the disaster about to unfold. Maureen Doss and her partner of almost 30 years, Lynn Fisher. We're excited for the trip ahead. We had a lot to do a lot of work Iran Iran. Iran. Iran Thant Thant Thant we took and and theys world. world and and and just just just thrilled thrilled thrilled there was was a. a brower. Having a lovely do not the first few days of the crews were trouble-free Angels' Toros Tracey and her mom died with friends and explored on on shore. shore. shore. I I don't don't know know know if if if I I I have have. have have or or or not, but but I'm I'm trying trying to to get get get. get the the the size size size of of of of the the the the ship. ships ships ships so just turn on on girls. girls. girls. Well, Well, we we've we still still still other bullets. Four days in the mood shifted when the World Health Organization declared the pandemic. Pandemic is not a word to use lightly or carelessly we watching the news and we did not we are on the shape that I did bank cost pandemic Of course, you panic and you think, oh my God, you know cuz there's no way you can get off Princess announced it would stop new cruises for the next 60 days. We've been asked and we've asked ourselves why Covid-, 19 seems to be impacting Princess so heavily. We don't really know we hope you will stick with us and give our team a chance to shine at a later date already at Sea, The Ruby Princess Sailed on. This is Wellington. Rugby in here and right next door to it as a cruise continued passengers began to fall you in Wellington, five were tested for covid- 19. All were negative. The Ruby Princess Sadd North to Napa passengers joined tours around the town oblivious to the risk that could be spreading the virus. Sisters to yours welcome. We came back, we had a restaurant. we hit every single store on the Street to support the locals and that's what we did when she returned to the sheep. Tracey Temple was one of an increasing number of passengers who are feeling unwell. I wouldn't go to the doctor because they charge a lot of wounded They I just put it down to a transplanting I didn't ever had across my mind that it was covid-. The Ruby Princess left behind a cluster of infections in New-zealand with 20 - four people testing positive. We are now suffering the consequences of cases here in New Zealand as a result of their cruise ship in the Middle of March, the Australian and New Zealand governments took action against cruise Ships' Australian government will also Bann cruise ships from foreign imports from arriving at Australian port for initial 30 days and that will go forward on a rolling basis. The Ruby Princess was given an exemption and turned around to head back to Australia. One of the museum is here and we're going to see. It's 930 at night and that's when they made the announcement. This is an important announcement. We have been asked to go straight back to Sydney. The government from Sydney is going to let us disembark a couple of days early when I know more, I'll let you know. Ship life was the same. There was entertainment all throughout the day and the night nothing had changed whatsoever. It was all the same as what you do on a normal cruise anyway as the Ruby Princess headed back to Sydney, the ship's head doctor warned New Southwest West's health. The ships seemed to be in the early phases of an influenza outbreak. Passengers were told nothing they. Just keep reassuring you all the time this ship is virus free like the stew that comes and cleans your room. He kept saying no way clear The ship is good. We're free. We We don't have to worry behind me. You'll see the mountains. that's where we're supposed to be. They're giving us very little information, but we're very safe and everyone's well not aware of any sickness on board this ship. That's when people didn't get the clear message that when crews shouldve had the public, the company should have had the decency to tell the crew what the situation was. I was scratching the head and not knowing what the current situation was. And the new regulations, the Ruby Princess, was required to report to authorities if anyone on board had Corona virus like symptoms. So you're really gonna go back to the sixth of March when the federal government and endorsed by the New South Wales State Government in those tighter restrictions on passengers coming into New South Wales waters and that was all about mandatory. reporting of 19 like symptoms. Yep, people who have symptoms and symptoms such as coughing temperature and flu-like symptoms. So I guess. It comes down to is if someone had the flu, then from my perspective based on the escalation of the Australian government and the state government that should have been classified as having codding like symptoms. Shapes submitted a series of mandatory Pre rival health reports to federal authorities The first report showed 53 people were sick and 10 had a temperature over the next two days. Those figures more than doubled 13 people were swabbed for covid-. The woods' no-I, saying people went to Mass so I know thought it''s some borned. New Southwell Health ask for more detailed information about Sikh passengers, The ship reported less than one percent of those on board had influenza like illness on that basis. New Southwell health decided it was low risk. It emailed the ship to say the new South Wells Health expert panel has assessed the Ruby Princess as not requiring on board health assessment in Sydney. We would, however, ask you to send the samples to a lab for testing you are free to Dist. Tomorrow, but Southwell health wasn't told when more sick passengers came forward later that day, we know from the evidence that's been given to the special Commission of inquiry to date that they appeared to be discrepancies between the information that was disclosed to the public authorities and what was really going on the sheep. so these inquiries are gonna be really important to get to the bottom of the truth and whether there was a real. Gap in the information and whether there was a cover-up as well in the information that was being provided by Carnival to the public authorities. On the final night of the Ruby princesses the atrium was packed for the farewell party. We wanna say thank you for cruising with us. Thank you for taking your time and again. I'm gonna say this a couple one more time but thank you for being positive throughout all this time you have been amazing. There were people packed together with without any social dist and whatsoever, and this happened in circumstances where the crews the ship's captain and the other crew knew that there was sick people on board that sheep. These are very serious matters and again, there are serious questions that need to be answered. Here-I'm Reporting live from the Ruby Princess Today, Passengers had no idea what was going on behind the scenes and we are all holding strong being patient. Dist Park tomorrow morning So until we meet again and just before seven PM the ship's port agent was darling, there was a 78 minute triple a phone call from a carnival employee to New South Wales ambulance and they're trying to book two ambulance to take off two passengers who had both presented with upper respiratory issues and they both had secondary health issues want to do with heart issue and one. Do with lower back and did they report there was a risk the patient could have covid- 19, certainly in that phone call that was obvious to me that they were concerned about that and personal protection equipment was mentioned masks et cetera, and symptoms of people with the flu. so there was certainly enough concern in that phone call. That meant that the ambulance officer who took the course eal. The supervisor because of their concerns. That ambulance supervisor called the New Southwell Port Authority to warn that the ship was coming in with some Corona virus patients on board. The Harbor Master Emailed staff on duty under the circumstances. We've now received from New Southwell ambulance. Please deny the booking that then causes the authority to have concerns with the Ruby Princess and actually ask them to stop their progression. Sydney harber After more Late-night phone calls, the head of the Port Authority rang, a senior manager at Carnival Australia. that manager told the Port Authority Bus that the ambulances were not called for covid- 19 related reasons and that new Southwell health had determined the ship was low risk and cleared to birth and descent back passengers as a result of that conversation, the Port Authority reversed its decision and allowed the ship to dock. I reviewed a number of phone calls between the Port Authority between Ua's Ambulance radio transmissions between the Port Authority and the sheep email transmission between the Port Authority and the ship when I was looking for was evidence around 19 like symptoms on the ship that would have clearly right the ship to a medium or high risk classification at no time. Did I find the night like symptoms mentioned anywhere in any of the paperwork from Carnival, all the Ruby Princess. So what does that say to you? Well, it says to me a couple of things is that was the an honest response from the ship. whether it's a captain, a doctor or a crew in relation to the health of the ship as it was coming into the port of Sydney. The Ruby Princess docked at 230 in the morning. two passengers were rushed to the hospital. Both would later test positive for Covid- 19. The other coro of virus Sbs, taken from passengers were also sent for testing. On the morning of the nineteenth of March lined up to farewell the passengers. I say you're doing this high five all the way down the ship and I'm like literally thinking. Oh my God. I just touched 50 people. I think what was I thinking? So we get off and I'm thinking this is crazy. There's nobody nobody's protected. It may not be that bad. You know. that's what I'm thinking. it's probably not that bad. Oh, that's we're on the back and waiting and clapping and stuff and when were very quickly. Yy to me, they heard your catt as quick as you could get off and we had no ches whatsoever. we just went through. I mean it wasn't a thing because we felt safer on the ship. I mean we've thought we were gonna go into the problem. We didn't realize we're gonna be the problem. Diane's Group headed through the crowd for a bus transfer, then I get on the bus and the sooner sitting down and everybody around me coughing. I'm like. Oh my God. Mike. Did you hear that. And then we started getting a little paranoid. I got everybody on this bus is coughing. We have a great cruise ahead of us. It has been a challenging time, but you have done an amazing job This morning and this is about the guests were crying They were crying, leaving the Gateway and they had such a great time and I was all in here so this afternoon this body that's for you, but I don't want to on board the Ruby Princess the thousand strong crews celebrated the end of the cruise as more than two and a half thousand passengers scattered across Australia and around the world. I can't think of I inflicted I just can't do it. I look I'm sorry if I did and if it somebody to get sick or to die. It took more than a day for the 13 test from the sheep to be processed three were positive. that meant thousands of passengers and crew had potentially been exposed to the virus and it just gob You are you just didn't think it was real. Well, I mean, starting from the decision to allow the passengers to sell on that cruise in the first place and ending with the decision to let them off knowing there were people that were obviously sick and could have had coro of ours, which we now know that they did. I mean the implications from a public health perspective, a very serious. Tracey returned to Brisbane she tested positive nearly lost my life and and more transplant as well because of somebody's neglect, Somebodys stupidity and the laws just the laws that they told because as far as I'm concerned, I put the mighty dollar first and I never put our safety first and it's absolutely appalling. it's atrocious. In Tasmania, more is mourning the loss of her partner of nearly three decades days after they finish their cruise. Lynn Fisher became critically ill with Covid- 19. She was allowed to his hospital room to say goodbye and that's the kid's face just lit up the One folks smile and. He said What To Lovett toros, what is the surprise he said more the to me, It's so me and told me drinking a a ton and it went. went down down and say. so. so. The toilet and away from me Christie put in that don't come here somebody needs to be held accountable because yes, New South Wales health Let us deeb the ship but Princess Cruises put us on the ship to begin with and I think all of this debacle with the Diamond Princess, they have cancelled the cruise before us and to. I got us because I have a duty of care was supposedly a of care to look after the passengers. Accusations flew over who was responsible for letting passengers disembark the decision to allow the moth in relation to the health and security issue was one for new Southwest Health. I don't think it helps anybody to point fingers and to play the blame game. I've asked the police Commissioner to undertaken an independent report. We've conducted to Karnal searches of the ship, which means a place in full PPE have gone on to the ship to collect evidence. The police Commissioner directed the homicide squad to investigate. We're taking the black box. We've taken multiple Mobile phones along with medical records. I've you know, I felt that they're unanswered questions that the death toll from the Ruby Princess was rising, not just in New South Wales, but across Australia and the world. So. Froman was the criminal negligence in relation to the way that this matter was handled that contributed to the deaths of any of those people. everybody on that ship wants to know the truth. how many of us are infected how many people have died for passengers passengers. What's our real situation? What's our rights? What's gonna happen to 50 different nationalities and they ask that question three weeks ago and they're asking that question today of me as well, a special. Inquiry is now examining the disastrous events surrounding the Ruby Princess. I would have liked to have done a lot more testing on cruise ships. The health Department has been asked to explain the decisions it's made is there any thing you want to tell me as to why I should not draw the conclusion that there has been a reprehensible shortcoming in Southwell in that Commissioner I can say. Is that I'm very sorry, it turned out the way it did. it was not our intention. My myself and my colleagues at the public health and working very hard on this. What we could. And if we could do it again, it would be very different. The cruise company insists it did nothing wrong. Ruby Princess fully reported his health status using the official federal and state maritime reporting systems. We take these obligations very seriously and strictly adhere to them. Ruby Princess was considered low risk for covid- 19 when she returned to Sydney last week, even so our on board team had taken no chances they require gass. Who'd reported flu-like symptoms to self isolate in their cabins. The medical team was asked to provide swaps the testing and they were provided when Ruby Princess arrived back in Sydney. Our guests could disembark Ruby Princess because that was the official health clearance process that existed at the time. All Carnival has posed cruises for now, but hasn't stopped marketing. North of Miami travel agent Diane Fish is recovering from covid- 19 seven out of 10 person tour group contracted the virus, but she plans to cruise again. Cruising is definitely the bang for the buck and from what I'm hearing people that crews are gonna cruise again. Now, people might think twice about or have hesitation, but if they're prepared, I know I'm gonna have my little handy dandy kit with me. It's gonna have gloves and masks and bleach and alcohol and thanks to clean with. As the Ruby Princess finally set sail from Australian waters that left behind a terrible toll. More than eight hundred and 50 passengers and crew have contracted covid- 19, at least 26 people are dead. My opinion is that they should put it somewhere out in the Middle of the ocean and sink it. Get me on a cruise ship ever again.