Use these guides to help you perform common actions with the Conversions API.

Send Requests and Verify Events

Learn how to send events to the Conversions API, handle dropped events and batch requests, and confirm that your events have arrived.

Setup Conversions API as a Platform

If you offer the Meta Pixel to your clients, you may want to consider adding Conversions API functionalities. Learn how to set up our server events as part of your platform.

Zapier Integration

Leverage automation platform Zapier to send events to our Conversions API. Use Facebook's Zapier app to automatically send events every time something changes in your data source.

Conversions API for Google Tag Manager

The Conversions API can be used to collect key web and offline event data shared from a server that you set up on the Google Cloud Platform. Learn how to implement it.

End-to-End Implementation

Step-by-step guide to implement the Conversions API. Instructions for Direct Integration and Integration as a Platform.

Conversions API Gateway

An overview and step-by-step guide for configuring and implementing the Conversions API Gateway. Also includes instructions for troubleshooting and monitoring your implementation.

Business SDK Features for the Conversions API

Learn about Facebook Business SDK advanced features designed especially for Conversions API users: Asynchronous Requests, Concurrent Batching, and HTTP Service Interface

Subscription Lifecycle Events

Subscription advertisers can send RecurringSubscriptionPayment and CancelSubscription events via the Conversions API. Learn more about requirements, parameters, and metrics.